Bumped: The Last Resort

Try not to look surprised.

Nine has finally bumped The Last Resort to a later starting time.

Because The Voice is on Sunday – Tuesday it only screens once this week, but different nights in different cities due to football commitments.

Sydney / Brisbane
7:30pm Britain’s Got Talent
9pm The Last Resort

Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth
7:30pm Britain’s Got Talent
9:00pm The Footy Show

7:30pm RBT
8:30pm The Last Resort.

Just over a week ago Nine said the show would not be moving.


  1. Well, what did I say a few weeks ago regarding The Last Resort. Trash like this should be relegated to the graveyard shift or better yet, not seen at all. Back to the drawing board guys.

  2. I can see BGT suffering against MasterChef and House Rules. I’m guessing a lot of viewers tuned into BGT after watching the other reality shows, it’s easy to dip in and out of.

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