House Rules wins reality battle on Sunday

Ratings: Seven and Nine in close tussle, MasterChef dips in the demos.

House Rules beat The Voice again last night and significantly managed to unseat MasterChef in the demos.

The renovation show won its slot with 1.19m ahead of Nine’s talent show on 1.07m, both up on last Sunday in a two horse race. Starting half an hour later TEN’s cooking show slipped to 737,000 viewers and fell in the demos.

But 60 Minutes was ahead of Sunday Night, despite both being down on last week’s outing.

Grantchester enjoyed a slight lift for ABC while Italy’s Invisible Cities managed a Top 20 placing for SBS.

Nine led in primary channel shares but Seven network won Sunday with 30.1% then Nine 29.7%, TEN 18.4%, ABC 14.8% and SBS 7.0%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.28m for Seven then House Rules (1.19m), Sunday Night (645,000). The Suspects: True Australian Thrillers drew 416,000. The Blacklist was just 146,000.

Nine News (1.15m) led for Nine then The Voice (1.07m), 60 Minutes (841,000). A Schapelle replay drew 238,000.

MasterChef Australia (737,000) topped TEN’s night then Bull (429,000), Modern Family (395,000 / 320,000), TEN Eyewitness News (376,000) and Family Feud (287,000). Formula One was 199,000 in 4 cities.

ABC News (670,000), Grantchester (611,000), Doctor Who (420,000) and DCI Banks (388,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Italy’s Invisible Cities did well for SBS with 334,000 then SBS World News (209,000) and The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (192,000).

Even at just 169,000 Shaun the Sheep could not be budged from the top of multichannel rankings.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 28 May 2017

7 Responses

  1. Why must House Rules have to draw out the judging over 2 nights? There’s almost no point in even watching Sunday night’s episode, because they show the same stuff again on Monday night! Recapping the building…again; recapping the arguments…again; the reveals…again. Most boring.

  2. Ten’s early evening Sunday line-up is an uncompetitive joke and has been for long enough now to realise a change is long overdue. It’s now starting to damage one of their very few premium brands in MasterChef. How stupid can one network continue to be?

  3. Have to agree with Bass_A
    There was no need for the 2x repeats of Modern Family (that’s what was shown here in WA). I ended up flicking between House Rules and MasterChef; mainly staying on House Rules. That was because it finally is starting to feel like the original series again! Still annoying how catty and typecast the contestants are.

  4. SBS’ 7:30 program has been sneaking into the Top 20 for a while now (along with Weekend Sunrise). Gone are the days when they couldn’t get a look in because they were kept out by the commercial network’s big dramas.

    I never thought that I would consider waiting for a drama to start at some random number of minutes past 8:30pm as “the good old days”.

  5. Masterchef at 7.30 is a silly move. Why give the opponents 30 minutes head start?
    Poor lead in and 30 min delay is not a wise decision IMHO and the numbers reflect that.

  6. Hate to say/suggest it, but maybe its time to move on from Family Feud… just doing numbers in 2s, 3s, and 4s at the front can’t be a good look.

    Also, why not keep MC at 7pm, who’s idiotic decision was it to move it, while eroding the ground from under it with lame ass programming that barely rates for 90minutes prior to it

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