Karl Stefanovic on Schapelle: “We were all made to look like idiots.”

Hypocritical? Karl takes aim at Schapelle coverage... while Today brings us Live reports.

Karl Stefanovic has taken aim at media outlets for excessive coverage of Schapelle Corby’s return to Australia.

“There are far more important things in life than pursuing and losing Schapelle Corby. We in the media have a responsibility to inform, but I reckon we were all made to look like idiots yesterday,” he said.

“And to what end? Where Schapelle is? What she looks like? Come on. We know. And you know what it ain’t that interesting… to me anyway… move along please.”

Stefanovic, who has taken a hit in the popularity stakes recently, has doubtless recognised a wider mood against blanket coverage.

But yesterday Weekend Today was in boots and all with the coverage of her return, including Live crosses and even the reference “No doubt Schapelle wakes up with Today, good morning to you, if you are watching.”

It even had a Live cross this morning….twice.

Nine also had Live coverage on Saturday night from Bali and replayed the Schapelle telemovie. It’s not clear if Head of News and Current Affair Darren Wick was consulted before Stefanovic aired his views.

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  1. What I want to know is who is the mysterious benefactor Paying the bill for her security & accommodation package which I would imagine to be tens of thousands of dollars.Maybe her partner in the smuggling operation?

  2. The coverage on Saturday night was ridiculous. At one point the bike rider was riding beside the van and had the camera up against the window glass. Was just waiting for the bike to have an accident. They were all like a pack of sharks in a feeding frenzy.

  3. Not “look like”. “Exposed as”…

    And what does the whole stupid schmozzle expose? That commercial media frequently beats up non-news into a frothy ‘story” so they can report it by claiming they have a “responsibility to inform”…

  4. I agree with Karl. I was watching the media scrum and I thought it was
    ridiculous that it was a three ring circus. We all don’t need to see her. We don’t care to see her on the TV coming out of prison, as much as the news outlets think we do.

  5. Having “your cake and eating it” or “a bet each way”… it’s absolutely laughable.
    Is it a story? Probably yes. But is it a helicopters hired, multiple reporters and live crosses, first ten minutes of the bulletin, there’s almost no other story in town today kind of story…? Absolutely no way.
    The commercial news networks must think most of their viewers do care though, otherwise they surely wouldn’t plough so many resources into covering the latest instalment of such a tawdry little tale. I reckon they’ve seriously misjudged this one though.

  6. A pig looks up momentarily from the trough at all the other pigs and thinks to himself, “Ha, look at those idiots with food all over their faces. They look so stupid”.

    The pig then resumes gorging himself.

    Karl doesn’t do sincere very well.

  7. Call me cynical, but my very first thought was: there goes Karl pitching himself as sympathetic in a bid to win the first TV interview with Corby. It would give him another stab at a prime-time interview program.

  8. “And you know what it ain’t that interesting… to me anyway… move along please.”……………And what did I post….days ago….*sigh*…….
    As for the media looking like idiots over it all….Well, if the cap fits, wear it!

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