1. As I hoped. The Last Resort bombed. My faith has been restored knowing more Aussies would rather watch the dribble coming out of Canberra than watch the garbage displayed on 9. Actually David your opening words to this story made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that. I also had the television on this morning as background noise and for whatever reason it was on 9, which I don’t normally do. It may have had something to do with listening to Ross Greenwood give his summary of the budget. It may have been Today Extra when they have one of those in-house debates discussing the hot topics when two of the presenters said something along the lines of they were too busy watching “The Last Resort”. Wow, really? At that point I went looking for the off button.

  2. Watched a couple of mins of TLR during an ad break on another channel.
    That was enough – absolutely bottom of the barrel dross and so annoying as well.
    Really hope they swap the time slots around for Love Child and this crap on Tuesday nights.

  3. Last Resort will be lower tonight. Nowhere have I’ve seen positive comments about the show – every time it was promoted on Facebook every comment was negative ranging from how can they keep dishing up this dross to put some more money back into dramas or something different.

    It will be moved before next week – chance that 20-1 will fill Tuesday as eps are ready and they’ve started promoting it while Wed will see BGT brought forward to 7.30 as its not doing too badly.

  4. why do they insist on showing these terrible shows. What a shame, Ch 9 used to be our favourite TV channel years ago, now we refuse to watch the crap they show.

  5. What a massive flop The Last Resort was. Why did they think it was a good idea to copy cat Seven Year Switch? Will flooding the market with similar shows affect Married At First Sight next year?

      • They must of come close on Monday as well with HYBPA getting 343K in Melbourne as well as MC and The Project doing well in Melbourne as well. Other cities may catch on.

  6. A great episode of Wentworth last night! Next week’s is looking to be a good one too. Speaking of ABC and Budget, it’s a shame we have no Checkout this week because of more budget related programming. They need to make better use of the multi-channels and move that to ABC News, as now that is in SD, everyone should have access to it.

    • I would say that the ABC put the Budget onto the main channel for the same reason Nine puts the cricket onto the main channel. It’s a status symbol. People regard Nine as the cricket channel and they regard the ABC as the politics/government channel.

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