New ABC2 Tonight show fails to screen

ABC2’s new Tonight show John Conway Tonight was dropped from the schedule last night.

It was promoted earlier yesterday as featuring comedian Rhys Nicholson.

A Facebook post indicated, “John Conway is unwell and is taking a break from John Conway Tonight. In the meantime GNW Productions is working with the John Conway Tonight Players to continue bringing you the show.

“We’ll have an announcement on this soon. Stay tuned.”

The series, which also features Aaron Chen, began last month as a low-budget ‘off-Broadway’ Tonight show.

ABC confirmed “John Conway is unwell and taking a break from John Conway Tonight. We’re currently working with the production team to find an alternative host or hosts while John takes time off. “

There are 9 more episodes due in the production order.


  1. Great show with a very endearing host and co-host.
    The bizarre thing is that there is one ep more ep pre filmed before supposedly going live. Why not show the pre filmed? Hope Conway is ok.

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