New shows around the corner

A hint of what's next on Free to Air channels.

A bunch of new shows are around the corner from networks.

Seven has a new series of Wanted with Lola and Chelsea deep in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Promos are out on Little Big Shots hosted by Shane Jacobson. The series is likely to include overseas acts as well as local. New episodes of Criminal Minds and First Dates are also imminent.

True Story with Hamish & Andy and Here Come the Habibs screen Monday week on Nine. A new season of 20 to One starts soon with new hosts Erin Molan and Dave Thornton. And a little event known as State of Origin.

TEN has now confirmed Shark Tank is on the way. In a show first, one entrepreneur will secure a massive $2.5 million from one of the Sharks -the biggest ever.

Coming up for ABC are Janet King tomorrow plus David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema, Ronny Chieng: International Student, Father Brown, Line of Duty and Cleverman.

SBS has The Family Law, Rick Stein’s Mediterranean, Dr. Christian Will See You Now and The Handmaid’s Tale at SBS On Demand.

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  1. Looking forward to the return of Shark Tank. I just hope TEN don’t mess around with it this year and show double episodes to get it off the shelf in time for some other show in August. It’ll only create viewer fatigue and the ratings will decline as people search for it at 8.30pm, no 8.37pm, no 8.51pm on multiple days, and then one week they don’t do a double so people think the season is over.
    I’ve recently watch Line of Duty S1 and S2 on Netflix, and started S3 on Monday night. Such a great show.
    I am actually going to give Channel 9 a chance with True Story. Apart from Logies, it’ll be the first thing on Nine I’ve watched so far this year.

  2. It’s a little sad to notice how much of that is “more of last year”, which itself was pretty much “same as the BBC/ITV/Ch4 ~10 years ago” (and, arguably, a lot of that was very much “rehashed from 40~50 years ago”)…

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