1. War on Waste was good again, can’t wait for the final next week, love my coffee!

    Also just found out the BBC did basically the same program in the UK a couple of years ago, very similar format going by what I saw on YouTube.

  2. Just to clarify, there was no number available for Seven News special (11:30am to 5pm)?

    Or was the Sunrise nunber for it all (9am to 5pm)?

    Regardless, thank you for those special nunbers, rather interesting David 🙂

  3. estherhoffman

    Yes,i would agree with that.They’re culling characters at the same rate that Foxtel play is culling channels from their service.Who’s going to be left standing by the end of the series?

  4. melbourneamy

    Very emotional ep of Wentworth last night, can’t believe they’ve written out another main character. At this rate, they won’t have any cast left.

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