Renewed: Poldark

Update: UK period drama Poldark has been renewed for a fourth season.

Series three will in the UK in June while a fourth has been commissioned, but there is speculation a fifth could be the final.

RadioTimes suggests the current plan is to make just two more runs covering the final six books and ending with series five. Series 3 covers books 5 & 6 of Winston Graham’s 12 book series.

“Series four has already been commissioned and the fifth looks like it could well be the last,” said a senior BBC source. “All good things must come to an end. Even Poldark.”

The BBC declined to comment officially on the claims but pointed out that series 5 had not yet been commissioned.

ABC is expected to screen Season 3 in Australia later this year.


  1. There is a natural break in the book series after Book 7. If they chose to continue after this, they would need to age the characters ten years, to follow the story properly. Maybe they could take a ten year break, and then bring everyone back to do Books 8-12?

    A brave producer could attempt to continue the series, by fleshing out the ten year gap. It would be very brave because no-one could ever write like Winston Graham.

  2. The issue posed here with ‘Poldark’ could also apply to ‘Outlander’ which is also based on a best selling novel. There has to be a time to bring a classic story to a close before it loses audience attraction, the British tend to know when to close a production, even a successful one, unlike the USA who stretch plot and credibility far too often just for commercial gain.

    • I suppose the difference is that Outlander’s author is still alive, and still writing the series. I will be interested to see how they progress through the later books.

  3. Love this show. But dragging it out for too long would be a mistake.
    I will be interested to see if they can convincingly age Aidan Turner, who plays Poldark, to correspond with the passage of time in the story.
    (Seems a big drawcard to many female viewers of this show is his “dashing good looks” and “flowing locks”.)
    Look forward to Season 3 , especially the continuing feud between Poldark and the dastardly George Warleggan… hope ABC don’t take too long to air it.

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