The President Show extended with more episodes

New US comedy The President Show, with Anthony Atamanuik as Donald J. Trump, is getting more episodes.

Created by Anthony Atamanuik, the Comedy Central series is getting an extra 7 episodes, bringing its total to 15.

“Whether we’re witnessing the end of democracy or merely the end of the world, it’s a privilege seeing it from the inside,” said Comedy Central president Kent Alterman.

“I’m so grateful that Comedy Central has decided to end its tenure as a cable network by renewing The President Show,” said Atamanuik.

It is currently airing in Australia Wednesday nights on the Comedy channel.

Source: Deadline

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  1. wellinmyopinion

    Have now given up on this show. had so much potential but is just not as funny as it could be. Anthony does some things really well but then goes a bit too overboard.

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