1. Maev....Sydney

    War on Waste interested me….I have been following Redgroup on Facy since I started to recycle soft plastic…and have reduced my trash bin to almost nothing….
    And the ‘trains’ on SBS…the trains are merely a catalyst to an interesting story about geography/history and people…….

  2. Again, SBS railway show did very well and it’s a 2nd time repeat of it!-there is an audience desperate for something that isn’t an idiot ‘reality’ program.

  3. War on Waste wasn’t just hugely promoted – it lived up to the hype. It didn’t really feel like a documentary at all. Interesting, engaging, real life application and a presenter who obviously believes in his cause. I have already set the recorder for next week’s episode.

  4. Great to see War on Waste do so well.
    Quite surprised as I thought many “mainstream” viewers wouldn’t be particularly interested in a topic like this.
    Am enjoying the new season of Love Child – such a shame it has been dragged down by the dismal Last Resort and has dropped out of the Top 20. Not too long ago it was rating really well.

  5. This series of The Amazing Race is a lot better than the past few (which I gave up on). Randomly pairing the contestants to form teams has made the relationships within teams interesting.

    • According to Ten, it was the highest-rating episode of NCIS since July last year, when a huge around 900k watched Michael Weatherly depart after 13 years.

      They also said it was the highest-rating NCIS New Orleans since November 2014

  6. I hope this shows 7 and 9 that viewers don’t lazily leave the TV on the same channel all night. They will seek out good shows and switch to ABC if need be.

  7. I haven’t yet watched War on Waste, but looking forward to it tonight. I wish Australian TV had more interesting documentaries like this. I tend to watch a lot of UK shows from BBC, Channel 4, and Channel 5. They have great short run documentaries covering so many aspects of daily life which you don’t even really think about. The London Tube for instance has been covered in a few shows, and it’s really fascinating. Perhaps ABC can look over what the UK has broadcast over the last few years and look to do an Australian version of the same.

    • Prepare to be shocked when you watch it, I’m not going to elaborate on anything cause it could be consider a spoiler but it makes you think.

  8. Secret Squïrrel

    War on Waste did well to pull itself back up from Ask the Doctor which was very light weight. I gave it about 12 minutes before realising that I had some urgent filing to do.

  9. Dismal ratings for 9! And i wonder if 7 will proceed with Love Rescue which is pretty much the same, they should just cancel that now lol

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