When current affairs reporting gets brutal

Nine's Taylor Auerbach copped the full brunt of an angry interviewee outside a Wollongong courthouse.

A Current Affair reporter Taylor Auerbach copped the full brunt of an angry 74-year-old Christie Kovachevski outside a Wollongong courthouse.

Auerbach kept his cool under trying conditions eventually retreating when Kovachevski turned on the crew.

It isn’t clear if assault charges will be laid.

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  1. I get that all the dodgy tradies have probably headed off to Bali for the winter, and that government bureaucrats are probably too worried about being shipped off to Armidale or Dubbo or wherever to be heartless – but, really, is this the best ACA could manage? Surely there was a story no parent/homeowner/Australian should miss, about slashing your winter heating bills or an easy way to make cash in your spare time or somesuch?


  2. This always annoys me. Ok the guy shouldn’t be hitting and kicking but more importantly, shouldn’t the reporter just leave him alone after the first few times of being told to go away?

    1. Exactly. The standard tactic appears to be to shove a mike and/or camera in the *alleged* offender’s face and try to goad them into a reaction.

      If they answer the intrusive questioning – good, if they try to evade or run away – good, if they push or hit the irritating person – even better footage for the evening “news”.

      There should be laws preventing journalists from hounding people once the person has clearly declined to engage with them.

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