C44 Adelaide laments signal switch-off

Adelaide Community TV shares the frustration in another plea to Mitch Fifield.

Another Community TV broadcaster has expressed disappointment at the Turnbull Govt decision to switch off its access to Free to Air spectrum.

“With ever-increasing concerns about the lack of diversity and locally-produced content in Australian mainstream media, we simply can’t understand why we are being switched off until a specific need is identified for the spectrum which we currently occupy,” General Manager, Lauren Hillman told The Advertiser.

Channel 44, which has been broadcasting in Adelaide for 23 years, will be forced to operate online when the Australian Community Television network’s signals are switched off nationally at 11:59pm on June 30.

“As frustrating as this decision has been for all community TV stations across the country, Channel 44 has remained an important community voice in Adelaide since 1994, and will continue to do so, even after our free-to-air signal is switched off.”

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  1. Hey Mitch, come see how “streaming” works – not – at our NBN-connected house. 1.9Mbps with only one device connected. TPG says “not us”. NBN says “not us”. Of course it’s all in that wonderful advertising term “up to”. Meanwhile WIN (TEN?) is using up spectrum playing a graphic with music 24/7. What is the urgent need for the spectrum that the C channels are using?

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