Craig McLachlan: Doctor Blake “not coming to an end”

There is cautious optimism for Doctor Blake fans following brief words about its future from leading man Craig McLachlan….

“It’s not coming to an end and that’s all I can say about it,” he recently told Donna Demaio at Talking Lifestyle radio.

But there were no further details on the show’s future.

It was recently reported December Media had met with Seven (who famously cancelled A Place to Call Home due to its expense and older demographics).

This week Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh also rejected suggestions about the show moving to Pay TV. “We have a very good slate of local productions lined up for the next few years,” he told ABC’s Download This podcast.

Fans of the show at SaveDoctorBlake now have over 13,000 signatures and rising for their social media campaign.

December Media declined to comment.


  1. dede, you have to be kidding. Dr Blake is a great show, it is watched by 1m+ people and sold to something like 130 countries. It is a very well directed and it employs Australians. I hope that someone picks it up. It is one of the best shows on telly.

    • That’s true but it’s an unfortunate reality with commercial free to air TV that they rely on demographics more so than actual viewers and the age group that watches Doctor Blake is too old for the audience that Seven is trying to attract.

  2. Can’t see it going to Seven, it skews far too old for them to pick it up. I’d rather see the drama dollars go to nurturing new drama. Five series is a good innings and it should go out on top.

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