Hughesy & Kate rally for Rebel Wilson

Fans gathered outside court as the showbiz trial of Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media continued yesterday.

Fans gathered outside a Melbourne court as the showbiz trial of Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media continued yesterday.

Wilson was met by a cheer squad yesterday organised by radio personalities Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek.

Amongst the witnesses this week were Wentworth star Kate Jenkinson, who featured with Wilson in her US comedy Super Fun Night. She told the jury Wilson had a “reputation for honesty”.

Talent agent Sharon Jackson, appearing via videolink, said she was surprised Wilson was not getting offers after the success of Pitch Perfect 2.

“I just thought that she would be getting offers at that point. It was a real mystery,” she said.

“The way Hollywood works is no one ever says no, it would just more be like, we’re not there yet.”

But she acknowledged Wilson’s career was now vibrant, “Predominantly from movies she has developed herself.”

Local agent Jacinta Waters confirmed her client was asked to be a guest presenter at the ARIA Awards in 2015 and again last year. She also had a book offer from Penguin Books and was asked to appear in advertisements for Bonds and Toyota.

She was also asked to ­appear in Play School, and Who Do You Think You Are? which could have traced Walt Disney claims.

Wilson would command up to $750,000 for a voiceover role and up to $1 million for an advertisement, the court heard.

Meanwhile journalist Caroline Overington, writing for Women’s Weekly said she introduced herself to the star while she was having her hair and makeup done, to “establish rapport”, confirming her age was 29 and that her “real name” was Rebel.

Overington said Wilson replied “yes” before launching into a story about how her mother chose the name Rebel.

But Overington  found out later that Wilson was actually several years older and that her birth name was Melanie. She wrote another article for Women’s Weekly to set the record straight.

Hugh Sheridan was expected to give evidence via video link during Friday but was busy hosting the Heath Ledger Scholarship Dinner in Los Angeles. He will now give evidence via video link on Monday.

Source: Herald Sun, The Guardian, New Daily

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