1. Awful Ep of House Rules last night, watched 10 minutes as it was enough to put me to sleep. But on the other hand, I am continually amazed at how good Wentworth is, same of the best performances I’ve ever seen on Aussie telly and it’s mainly women!!! Pamela Rabe and Kate Atkinson the standouts last night.

    • As a diehard HR fan, I also watched 10 minutes then switched over to Masterchef. What a wasted opportunity for HR to put together a ‘best of’ show, but all they did was splice the reveals together. It needed commentary by the judges, analysis of why the room was a success, and remove all the footage of the homeowners crying and saying OMG.

  2. It should be worth noting that HR was a “Best Reveals” episode (which looked at the best reveals from prior years of the show). I am surprised at the high viewership it got for something that provided no new content for the current season.

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