One show, two promos…..

The arrival of Common Sense next week allows us a little window into seeing how network promos work.

The show from the makers of Gogglebox is screening on both TEN and LifeStyle next week, and each has produced separate promos.

Never under estimate how powerful promos are in driving viewers to a premiere.

Which one would make you tune in?


  1. The TEN promo voice over guy is awful, I don’t know why they hired him. He cheapens whatever program he advertises. Often I’ll mute live to air broadcast when his voice comes on.
    LifeStyle know how to speak ‘on-bogan.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    IMO the Network TEN promo which has the former SBS voice over guy is too bells and whistles and is trying to be funny. that’s the why i see it. the Foxtel Lifestyle promo is different more simple streamlined not loud and yes concise. The promo department from ten usually takes the parts that will immediately resonate with viewers, i.e they take snippets that have been in the news already. Foxtel is not doing that. This show sounds ok but it may fall short of Gogglebox because of people’s opinions on political and social topics where as Gogglebox was safer, it mainly was about opinions about tv shows.

  3. I love Gogglebox but this one doesn’t have the same appeal. The UK version is incredibly slow and dull, I hope the Australian one is better but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. I may give this show a go on ten (don’t have Foxtel) based on the Foxtel promo. It explained the show in a concise manner. The ten promo was all over the place and a touch confusing.

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