Returning: Vera

Season 7 of Vera, with Brenda Blethyn, begins next month on 13th Street.

There are 4 episodes in total.

This premiered in the UK in March.

In the opening episode of the show’s seventh season, titled Natural Selection, DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) is drawn into a suspicious death on Ternstone, a remote and inaccessible island
off the coast of Northumberland, home only to numerous species of birds and the rangers who observe them. The last thing anyone expected to see was a body, cruelly washed up on the shore.

8:30pm Monday July 10.


    • Just because the Americans do 20+ plus episodes per seasons/series doesn’t mean everyone has to, I’d rather see a short number of quality episode per seasons/series as opposed to a big number of varying quality episodes. And plus a lot of British dramas are a feature length, not just 40-50 minute run time.

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