Seven steals Origin week from Nine

Ratings: Not since 2011 has Nine lost an Origin week to Seven.

Seven has snatched ratings glory from Nine in a State of Origin week.

It’s the first time since 2011 -save for Timeshifted figures- it has stolen a week during the State of Origin, denying Nine its first win of the 2017 ratings year.

Origin was easily the biggest show of he week with 2.35m viewers and a massive 45.2% share on Wednesday. But Seven hit back with a 37.0% share on Friday.

Seven: 30.7
Nine: 28.8
TEN: 18.1
ABC: 16.2
SBS: 6.3

Primary channel:
Seven: 21.4
Nine: 21.0
TEN: 12.4
ABC: 11.5
SBS: 4.3

7mate: 3.6
7TWO: 3.5
ONE: 3.3
9GO!: 3.1
ABC2: 2.8
9GEM: 2.5
9Life: 2.2
7flix: 2.1
ABC News: 1.2
SBS Food Network: 0.9
ABC ME: 0.7
NITV: 0.1

Seven also won the demos 16-29, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine scored Sydney and Brisbane.

Seven won every night except Wednesday, owned by Nine. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.

Best brands this week were:

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.28m), House Rules (Sun: 1.28m), Home and Away (754,000) and Seven Year Switch (658,000).

Nine: State of Origin (2.35m), Nine News (Sun: 1.15m), The Voice (Sun: 1.07m) and A Current Affair (853,000).

TEN: MasterChef Australia (Tues: 875,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? (812,000), The Project (7pm: 586,000) and NCIS (548,000).

ABC: The Coroner (797,000), War on Waste (776,000), ABC News (Sat: 756,000) and Delicious (666,000).

SBS: Italy’s Invisible Cities (334,000), Great Continental Railway Journeys (291,000), Great British Railway Journeys (285,000) and Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast (247,000).

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  1. The word “Event” is waaaay overused by Seven and Nine now. As soon as a promo uses the word “Event” it is almost like a signal to avoid it…

    And how many “biggest night of TV this yeeeaaar” have there been so far this year?

  2. Nine’s “Event” television needs more events. With a few notable exceptions, this years TV schedule, for all the commercial networks, is a copy of last years and the year before, the same repeated dramas, movies and even some footy matches and game shows. Shows move from network to network and are then advertised as “premiere”. I wonder how many TV bosses actually watch their own channels without using the Fast-Forward button?

    1. Nine has been quite bullish about its schedule this year and so far only Last Resort has been a failure. MAFS & The Voice have performed in the market, with the former notably impacting MKR. Hot Seat needs addressing but is not in primetime. At least tonight they are launching something new.

  3. Another disappointing week for nine, but hats off to seven, they seem to be able to pull being number one again, nine have certainly lost there way with viewers since the Kerry Packer days.

    1. Agreed! Nine is just a “Sausage machine” now, when back in the Packer Days, you sort of could feel the “family” vibe of the network. I dunno why, maybe it was the combo of its famed stable of stars, depth of programming, excellent and clever on-air promotions. It’s all a bit “me too” now, generic and boring.

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