True Story tops comedy Monday

Comedy led the way on Monday.

Nine’s True Story with Hamish & Andy is off to an excellent start, topping the night with 1.28m viewers.

That puts it as the highest-rating scripted show so far in 2017, beating the two Reality shows and topping the demos. Not all viewers chose to partake in Here Come the Habibs (826,000) around what it was attracting when last seen.

House Rules (1.22m) was close behind True Story with Masterchef settling for 767,000.

At 8:40 comedy’s reign continued with Have You Been Paying Attention? ahead of Wanted, Four Corners and the 3+ hour One Love Manchester concert. Wanted‘s return at 698,000 faced tough competition, at half its 2016 debut of 1.42m viewers.

Nine network led in primary channels but Seven’s multichannels pushed it to a win with 29.6% then Nine 29.2%, TEN 18.3%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 5.0%.

House Rules (1.22m) led for Seven then Seven News (1.18m / 1.13m), Home and Away (837,000), The Chase (705,000 / 446,000) and Wanted (698,000 / 534,000).

True Story with Hamish & Andy was #1 for Nine with 1.28m then Nine News (1.13m / 1.08m), A Current Affair (934,000), Here Come the Habibs (826,000), Hot Seat (596,000 / 354,000) and One Love Manchester Concert (566,000).

MasterChef Australia (767,000) topped TEN’s night followed by Have You Been Paying Attention? (764,000), The Project (733,000 / 494,000), TEN Eyewitness News (591,000), and Family Feud (421,000). Prison Break drew just 146,000.

ABC News (869,000), Australian Story (774,000), Four Corners (687,000), 7:30 (680,000), Media Watch (585,000) and Q&A (435,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (197,000), SBS World News (147,000) and Dr. Christian Will See You Now (126,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure was best on multichannels at 246,000.

Today: 306,000
Sunrise: 288,000
News Breakfast: 116,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 5 June 2017


  1. I think it was funnier for me as I travel to China extensively and am often in that situation. Trust me – Traditional Chinese food is nothing like here in Australia 🙂 – My heart drops every time we go out to Dinner only to be greeted with a full Chinese Banquet

  2. Can’t believe so many people are complaining about Hamish and andy’s True Story. Maybe they should just go back to watching Cooking shows and Renovating shows that we keep getting force fed instead. I for one think it is nice to have something different to watch. And while it may not be perfect… It was only the 1st ep! Geez. Some people are too hard to please.

    • melbourneamy

      It’s okay to have a different opinion, but we are not being force fed anything so to speak. If people didn’t watch it, the networks wouldn’t make it. Pretty simple really

  3. Comedy is back on FTA! David start pushing for a Thank God You’re Here reboot, come on Channel 10. You’ve got Tom on the network already and maybe Amanda Keller for host?

    • Been waving comedy flag for some time. Working Dog is aware they have several formats fans would love to see reprised but they have a busy slate (and they are already reviving Russell Coight). TEN would have budgetary considerations at the moment.

  4. I love Hamish & Andy & I was really looking forward to this show. How disappointed was I. Nothing about the story rang true & I hated the actress playing the mother. Not impressed with the casual Asian stereotyping either. Not sure I will watch again.

  5. Love Hamish and Andy – but this was so disappointing. Really wasn’t funny – I think this will finish up somewhere the 600 mark.

  6. I thought I’d give the first episode of True Story ago, came across as cheap and nasty television. The acting was very poor and the ‘jokes’ (if you could call them that) were miserable, then watched HYBPA, now that is what you would call real comedy.Outstanding show. I know which one I will be watching again next week.

    Disappointing numbers for Prison Break.

  7. I was really looking forward to True Story and had high expectations, which may be why I felt disappointed with what I saw. I thought the lady telling the story was quite engaging and I could understand why the story was turned into an episode, but I never laughed out loud once. The husband getting ‘anything’ was a highlight and he offered the most entertainment for me, but still it lacked something. I’ll give it another go and hope that the next story offers me more.

  8. melbourneamy

    Decided to watch Hamish and Andy, and will definitely not be watching it next week. Worst 30 minutes of Australian Television since Yasmin’s Getting Married premiere

  9. Gotta watch those double negatives, David, “all viewers chose to partake in Here Come the Habibs”. H & A aren’t my cup-of-tea but I wouldn’t mind those chairs, globe and bookcase in my lounge, they’re almost Dickensian.

    • Elizabeth H

      Definitely wrong of 7 to show a double episode of Wanted. I taped it and will watch later in the week. We watched HYBPA as it’s current news etc and Wanted I can watch anytime, and I am sure most drama viewers will do the same.

  10. I enjoyed True Stories – was a slight story but am glad they have just chose to go with one story per episode rather than possibly doing multiple stories and going from one to the other like RBT . Will definitely watch again next week. Am surprised the Manchester concert didn’t rate better with its UK tv showing not even cracking the top 20

  11. Lasted 5 minutes with True Stories. Didn’t like it at all. Will be surprised if it holds up over a million next week. Habibs – don’t mind the show but last nights’ plotline was ridiculous – no wonder it wasn’t used in promos which all showed a scene relating to “skid marks” that was not in last nights’ episode at all.

  12. Although the pace was a little slow, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I really think they are onto a winner with a great concept!

  13. No doubt Hamish and Andy is a very strong ‘brand’. It seems like something totally different from what’s been offered at the moment but I personally don’t find it appealing.

  14. True Story was the second show on Nine I have watched this year (Logies being the other). I want that 30 minutes of my life back, it was so slow, boring, and the story was just not funny. The acting was pretty pathetic too. I won’t be going back for episode two, and I wonder how many of the 1.28m won’t either.

    • Comedy is always divisive. What one person finds funny, others simply do not. I enjoyed it and found it easy to watch with a few laughs. I know several other people who also enjoyed it. I’ll continue to watch it.

      • Yes, think the acting is supposed to be over- exaggerated.
        I enjoyed True Stories. Not quite as good as expected but light-hearted and entertaining.
        Helps that it was short and sweet as well.
        Next week’s teenage boy life- saving scenario looks to be a cracker.
        Habibs is a good premise with likeable actors but ridiculous,OTT storylines.

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