Brush with Fame draws emotion, Nine wins Wednesday.

TV is a numbers game, but despite Nine coming fourth in the 7:30 slot it actually managed to win the night -and that includes leading in primary channel shares.

That’s due to some 3 hours of Britain’s Got Talent which nobody saw coming.

MasterChef led its timeslot with 840,000 viewers, down on last Wednesday, followed by Border Security / The Force, Anh’s Brush with Fame and Britain’s Got Talent.

Mad As Hell scored 597,000 at 8:30, ahead of Criminal Minds and Offspring, which kicked in 15 minutes later.

Nine News and ACA both won their slots while an earlier Tour de France helped boost SBS.

Nine won Wednesday with 28.5% then Seven 26.2%, TEN 20.1%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 9.0%.

Nine News was #1 with 1.12m / 1.09m followed by A Current Affair (925,000), Britain’s Got Talent (617,000 / 411,000 for 2 shows) and Hot Seat (570,000 / 326,000).

Seven News (1.06m / 1.04m) led for Seven then Border Security (727,000), Home and Away (703,000), The Force (680,000), The Chase (679,000 / 444,000) and Criminal Minds (509,000 / 413,000). Wimbledon was 164,000.

MasterChef Australia (840,000) topped TEN’s night then Offspring (594,000), The Project (558,000 / 372,000), TEN Eyewitness News (514,000) and Family Feud (369,000). Hawaii Five-0 was 180,000.

ABC News (747,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (643,000), Mad as Hell (597,000), 7:30 (528,000), Ronny Chieng: International Student (304,000), Grand Designs (261,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (237,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Extreme Railway Journeys (260,000), Tour de France (246,000 / 104,000) and SBS World News (153,000).

Shaun the Sheep shook the multichannel room at 239,000.

Today: 274,000
Sunrise: 268,000
News Breakfast: 94,000 / 59,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 5 July 2017


  1. Brush With Fame would work well on commercial television but is there an executive out there brave enough to try to poach it? I’d imagine it would be sponsored by Dulux or Taubmans…haha. But Anh really is a national treasure and well done to the ABC for commissioning it.

  2. Anh’s Brush with Fame has been an absolute delight.
    Have so enjoyed this series – on the whole , a great selection of interesting and likeable guests with fascinating back stories.
    Ahn is a treasure – warm, funny and highly perceptive who’s got that elusive knack of being able to put his guests at ease and get the best out of them, (with the exception of a couple who’ve been very guarded despite everything.)
    Sam was wonderful last night – what a genuine and lovely bloke who hasn’t let all the adversity in his life break his spirit and unbridled enthusiasm. Didn’t think the portrait looked a lot like him though…Anh missed the mark a bit here… a nice painting but “too handsome” and didn’t quite capture the twinkle in Sam’s eyes.

  3. I watched Common Sense on Lifestyle. Contrived, boring, dull. I won’t be watching again. Nowhere near the same league as Gogglebox. Disappointing.

    • Jury is out for me. Agree it doesn’t match Gogglebox but it’s early days. One problem I think is we see a lot of people standing around at work looking at phones. That has a perception of laziness, which doesn’t endear me to their opinions. I saw one comment on Twitter that suggested Anastasia would be yelling at her TV “When do these malakkas work?” and it summed up my early vibe.

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