Bumper audience for latest Game of Thrones episode

Game of Thrones has pulled out another bumper audience for its second episode.

It drew 457,000 / 280,000 viewers across 2 screenings, a total of 737,000 viewers.

That’s down slightly on last week’s 447,000 / 352,000 at 799,000 viewers which was the highest series premiere in Pay TV history.

With numbers like that betting agencies should open a book on how high the finale will go.


  1. This season of GoT is going to be a total mystery to those watching it just out of curiosity, but that’s what happens when an original show based on a popular book that should have lasted no more than 3 seasons is totally exploited by it’s producers. All the shock factor and kudos was in the early days but now GoT is looking like it’s been written by a script writing committee obsessed with human blood and waste.

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