FOX Sports News announces new line-up

FOX Sports News is now broadcasting from its new Macquarie Park studio.

FOX Sports News has unveiled its new programming line-up, now broadcasting from its new Macquarie Park studio located within Australian News Channel HQ.

New to the programming schedule comes a host of Live programs including Sports First, Sports Nation, SportsDay, Fox Feed, SportsNight, Extra Time, Sports Saturday, Sports Sunday, Full Time and Gameday Live, along with Bill & Boz, NRL Tonight and AFL Tonight.

Anchoring the channel’s Live sports news coverage across the schedule is an unmatched line-up of leading sports journalists including Bill Woods, Abbey Gelmi, Jim Callinan, Matt Suleau, Katherine Loughnan, Greg Thomson, Megan Barnard, Zac Bailey, Louise Ransome, Glen Lauder and Tom Wilson.

From the FOX Sports News studios in Melbourne, sports reporters Neroli Meadows, Julian de Stoop, Ryan Van Haalen and Drew Jones will bring viewers the latest, while reporters at FOX Sports News bureaus across the country will keep viewers abreast of local breaking sports news as it happens.

From its Macquarie Park studio, FOX Sports News also began airing its Live content today across the SKY News channels and its out-of-home platforms, including international news service Australia Channel.  

While FOX Sports News continues to be the main video provider for the News Corp mastheads including The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Courier Mail, www.news.com.au and www.foxsports.com.au

Foxtel subscribers can access FOX Sports News on Channel 500 and through Foxtel Now, FOX Sports pubs and clubs and www.foxsports.com.au

FOX Sports News Programming Schedule:

Sports First, Daily at 5:00am
A fast paced snapshot of the latest sports news, social media picks and topics, back pages, weather and what’s trending on the FOX Sports News website to start your day.

Sports Nation, Weekdays at 9:00am
The FOX Sports News team discuss the day ahead and reflect on the winners and losers from the past 24 hours.

SportsDay, Weekdays at 10:00am
If it’s Live and breaking FOX Sports News will be there to cover it, all the sporting issues and headlines in Australia and across the world.

Fox Feed, Weekdays at 12:00pm
Rolling Live and Breaking sports news featuring news conferences and updates from reporters across the country.

AFL Tonight Weekdays at 5:00pm
In-depth analysis and breaking news on what’s making headlines in the AFL.

NRL Tonight, Monday – Thursday at 5.30pm, Fridays at 4:30pm
A comprehensive look at the day in NRL, featuring big name guests, opinions and breaking news.

Sports Nation, Weekdays at 6:00pm
Highlights of the day’s sporting action and a preview of what’s ahead with Australia’s leading sporting commentators and reporters.

Sports Night, Weekdays at 7:00pm
A comprehensive wrap of the day in sport featuring highlights, guests and analysis.

Bill & Boz, Monday – Wed at 9:30pm, Sundays at 9:30pm
Bill Woods and former Socceroo Mark Bosnich team up each Sunday through Wednesday night, joined by sports stars to delve deeper into the day’s sporting headlines.

Extra Time, Monday – Wed at 10:30pm
A look back at the sports day that was and a comprehensive preview of the next 24 hours including a look at tomorrow’s sporting headlines.

Gameday Live , Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am
A preview of the sports day ahead with Live coverage and breaking news.

NRL Today, Saturday and Sunday at 11:00am
A comprehensive look at the day in NRL featuring big name guests, opinion and breaking news.

AFL Today, Saturday and Sunday at 11:30am
In-depth analysis and breaking news on what’s making headlines in the AFL.

Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday, Saturday and Sundays at 12:00pm
Rolling Live coverage of everything sport across the day and into the evening.

Full Time, Thursday – Saturday at 10:00pm
The essential wrap of the day for sports fans featuring match highlights, reaction and analysis.

*Times in AEST.

5 Responses

  1. The only fox sports news show i watch is NRL Tonight and i have to admit it was jarring. The HD channel used standard opening graphics not HD, symbols were in wrong places on graphics; poor megan didnt know where to look when trying to talk to the person on the big screen next to her, the ticker on the bottom was slightly larger yet words couldn’t quite fill the line. Was this filmed in Melb now too? Because normally NRL Tonight has at least one guest in with the host as they share the studio but Bryan Fletcher was fairly bland in the link and seemed to have trouble talkingm they also played random clips that didnt match her speaking. Happy for the channel to make changes but i felt bad for the love host Megan trying her best. Wish they kept all fox league shows in that same studio.

    David is fox league still based in the same place as last week or did they move too? Thanks 😉

  2. Based on the EPG there are a lot more live broadcasts now than before – in fact it extends to 1am. Will be interesting to see if that is accurate.

    Also not sure on the need to have a distinction between ‘Full Time’ and ‘Extra Time’ based on the night of the week …

  3. Just noticed that the sky news sports reports now come from fox sports news much like the weather reports . Hopefully the red button sports updates aren’t affected as the sky news ones were more up to date than the fox sports ones . In fact it hasn’t been updated for weeks and of course you now only get it on iq3 and not the 2

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