Free kick to The Front Bar

The AFL Footy Show‘s decision to take two weeks off is a godsend to The Front Bar on Seven.

Already having won 3 of the last 4 weeks in Melbourne, the Mick Molloy-hosted show will now have 2 weeks unto itself to win over more viewers.

Yesterday Nine announced Eddie McGuire would return to The Footy Show as host after a 12 year ‘absence ‘ (he has made occasional guest appearances). Craig Hutchison is now out, but remains with Footy Classified.

McGuire Media will co-produce the show with Nine, with McGuire set to bring over FOX Footy personalities as a win / win for two broadcasters.

But having no episodes this week and next plays well into The Front Bar‘s hands as it continues to gather steam.

Nine will now offer a replay of the 2012 movie Skyfall in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. In Sydney & Brissy the later slot is filled with World’s Funniest Videos Top 10 Countdown.


  1. I Dont find The Front Bar funny.
    Balme getting into wrong car.How many times are they going to milk this.
    Dont have the sides for weekend.
    Will watch The Marngrook Footy Show. While the footy show is off.

  2. The current trend óf having current players on panels is why we don’t watch they are very restricted on what they can and can’t say and always have the club’s media people in the background montoring what they say.Better to get just retired players I E Nick Del Santo who now free of restraints opens uP

  3. I was a bit surprised to hear the footy show was going on a 2 week break. I still think when Ed comes back it will have great ratings, but the front bar can hold it’s own.

    I will still watch it.

  4. Come on 7 be smart and move the show to 8:30 in the west… it’s your big chance to gain a loyal audience in WA. If you won’t put it on 7, put it on 7-mate at 8:30.

  5. I understand there was a very stringent contract regarding Eddie & Foxtel.

    Obviously Eddie & The Footy Show will be promoting Fox Footy with said guests (e.g.) “and joining us from Fox Footy is Dermott Bereton”?

    Like what currently happens each night of an AFL game on Ten Eyewitness News, where Brad McEwan crosses to and promotes Fox Footy.

  6. Cant believe 9 would want to hand the reins to 7 for a fortnight and lose more viewers. I haven’t watched the Front Bar in this time slot due to the Footy Show being on. If it takes my fancy, as I’m predicting, they’ll lose another couple of viewers in this household.

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