Good Morning Australia cast to reunite on Studio 10 -but where’s Bert?

Studio 10 will do its bit to celebrate the legacy of Good Morning Australia tomorrow, broadcasting from “Studio Bert” in TEN’s Como building.

Patti Newton joins as the 5th panelist alongside longtime friend Denise Drysdale, plus Sarah Harris, Jessica Rowe and Joe Hildebrand.

“I have been friends with Denise Drysdale for many years and am thrilled to be co-hosting Studio 10 with her tomorrow morning,” she said. “And it will be extra special to be back in the studio that Bert did Good Morning Australia from for so many years.”

Former GMA favourites are set to appear including musical director John Foreman, floor manager Rob ‘Belvedere’ Mascara, and regulars Rhonda Burchmore, Tonia Todman, Susie Elelman, Ken James, Elizabeth Chong, Phillip Brady -and yes even Moira McLean.

That just leaves the obvious question: where’s Bert?

The king of TV has been recuperating from pneumonia and isn’t scheduled to appear -unless there is a surprise visit? Fingers crossed.

The show is extending to 11:30 to spend plenty of time reminiscing about the show’s lengthy run from 1992 – 2005.

8:30am Friday on TEN.


  1. When you look back Bert did an amazing job. These days they have 2-4 presenters thought out the morning. Pity Nine lured him with the bigger bucks.

  2. Still remember an interview that Bert did with Cornelia Frances on GMA many years ago. She was chatting away and made a mention of the time… looking at her watch… saying it’s 2.35pm on Tuesday… blissfully forgetting that it was a pre-tape for later broadcast.

    Without missing a beat Bert just looked at his wrist and said “I really must adjust my watch”…

  3. Did they do a reunion special for Beauty and the Beast this week, I saw a commercial without sound while at the gym and it appeared that’s what they were advertising? Only the day before I was thinking Foxtel and Ten should bring that show back, as long as it had intellectual woman on the panel again, and not fake housewives of wherever and former reality contestants who 99% of the population can’t remember or even knows of.

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