Hoseah joins Culture Club tour

18 year old Hoseah Partsch may not have won a recording contract but The Voice runner-up is joining his coach Boy George when Culture Club tours Australia later this year.

“I’m so very proud of Hoseah. He’s not only a wonderfully talented artist, he’s a fabulous guy with a big heart and I’m backing him.  I’m delighted to welcome him to the Culture Club tour,” said Boy George.

The Culture Club tour, which includes Thompson Twins singer Tom Bailey and Eurogliders (plus Human League in Perth) begins in Melbourne in November.

Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph reports third-placed Fasika Ayallew may be in discussions with Universal for a recording contract of her own.

The 19 year old blew the crowd away in Sunday’s final with her duet with coach Kelly Rowland.


  1. Thats really nice, George was a real hit on The Voice this year, whilst I think the format is a little tired now, George bought such warmth and enthusiasm to the show, and the girl power between Kelly and Delta was awesome to see, rather than having the girls pitted against each other like the media love to do.

    I hope we see Kelly doing some more stuff with Fasika too that would be lovely!

    Seal stood out like a sore thumb this year and really needs to be uninvited, Id love to see another woman up there, say a Christina Aguilera or a Gwen Stefani….

  2. i read somewhere that said the producers aren’t certain that Seal will come back to the show.
    my suggestion for the coaches next season; BoyGeorge, Delta Goodrem, KellyRowland and RickyMartin

    • The sermons from the church of Seal were an endurance. I hit the button a lot of the time. George was funny and giving. Ricky has an upcoming series with Ryan Murphy, would be hard to get.

      • Yes, Seal’s overblown speeches and sermons were tedious.
        Lost count of the number of times he referred to his protégée, Lucy, as “my little star” and “shooting star headed for the world stage”, etc, – truly nauseating.
        Especially as, cute as she was, her voice wasn’t very good at all..

        • She was good for one so young, voice still developing. It takes a lot to survive that spotlight. Thought her farewell speech was quite eloquent. Seal just too determined to win for himself over the artist I suspect. I find it hard to get past his blast at Aussie media at the end of his other season. Then he comes back for more?

          • Yes, Lucy’s still very young – probably just needs a few years/some good voice coaching for her voice to reach its potential. She has great stage presence and a really cool, interesting look though. Agree her farewell speech came across really well.
            Yep, Seal’s huge ego and win at all costs attitude is so off-putting and very hypocritical of him to come back after mouthing off at everyone last time. No doubt the lure of the money/possibility of winning again and being able to rub it in to the other judges, enticed him back.

  3. Boy George and Hoseah singing What A Wonderful World was the highlight of the show for me on Sunday. I was really surprised at how good Boy George sounded and he really was a great judge.

  4. daveinprogress

    Yes, great news from Hoseah! He is such a lovely soul and it was very touching to see how his mentoring relationship with ‘Boy’ developed. George showed what a big hearted person he is; maybe because of his major fall from grace and he appreciates all he has. Having him on the Voice was the main drawcard for me this season.

    • Agree with all of the above.
      What a wonderful opportunity for Hoseah – was hopeful that George would go out of his way to help him and open up all sorts of doors to give him maximum exposure.
      Yes, George has been the highlight of the Voice this year. Really to see him again as judge next year.

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