NAIDOC Week 2017: NITV / ABC guide

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.

NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’ and this year is from 2 to 9 July.

NITV Channel Manager, Tanya Orman said “We’re excited to celebrate our culture and languages with NITV’s NAIDOC Week slate. We’ll be delivering live coverage of NAIDOC Week events, we have the world television premiere of NITV’s commission, documentary film Zach’s Ceremony, and we’ll be airing programs in language, such as the Little J & Big Cuz episodes.”

ABC Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie, said, “The ABC’s vision is to be the source of Australian stories, culture and conversations, and fulfilling this aim would be impossible without a commitment to reflect the stories and contributions of Australia’s oldest cultures and First peoples. NAIDOC week is just one way the ABC can help share these stories and conversations and ensure they are heard by all Australians.”


NAIDOC Awards:
Saturday July 1 from 7.30pm-11.30pm.
Launching NITV’s slate of NAIDOC Week programming is the NAIDOC Ball, which will be telecast live from Cairns on Saturday July 1 from 7.30pm-11.30pm. Broadcasting from the Cairns Convention Centre, Christine Anu and Steven Oliver will present the television coverage, and Hannah Hollis and Luke Carroll will present the NAIDOC Awards. The NAIDOC Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, scholars, sportspeople and elders

News & Current Affairs:
The Point presenter Natalie Ahmat will be reporting live from Cairns and other locations in Far North Queensland during NAIDOC Week. The four live episodes of The Point will be on Monday 3rd – 6th July, 9pm.
Also on The Point on Monday 3rd July, will be a feature story by NITV journalist Ella Archibald Binge about the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, which is a celebration of Aboriginal culture in Cape York through song, dance, ceremony and performance.

Special Program Highlights:

Going Places with Ernie Dingo
Sunday 2 July, 7.30pm
Ernie travels to one of the most iconic Australian destination, the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of north-eastern Queensland and meets people who have made this beautiful part of the world their home. He catches up with Yindinji elder Gudju Gudju who shows him the mangrove swamps, explaining their importance to the reef as a nursery for the multitude of fish species that inhabit the reef.
At James Cook University, Ernie meets Jamie, a toxinologist who is extremely passionate about his work with the deadly creatures that inhabit the ocean. Jamie shares with Ernie his goal to educate the world with his knowledge, with the hope of protecting oceans and natural environments. Ernie also takes a scuba dive with diving instructor Erin, and finds out what her job and living on the Reef means to her; and he meets couple Gareth, a skipper and his partner, Teresa, also a toxinologist, who are raising a family on knowing and loving the Reef.

Zach’s Ceremony
Sunday 2 July, 8.30pm
Growing up isn’t easy, especially for Zach who is rapidly making the transition from boyhood to manhood, in both the modern world and his culture.
Pressures from his loving, but staunch father Alec, the temptations of city life and the ever-present spectre of racism all take their toll. He feels too white to be accepted by his family and friends, and too black for his inner city peers. Combined with Alec’s well-intentioned but strict style of parenting, Zach snaps and starts to rebel.
Against the backdrop of Indigenous oppression, Zach’s teenage experimentation and his violent reactions to racism lead him to some dark places. His father knows that without a true connection to his culture, Zach is lost.
Ultimately, Zach must embrace the traditions and knowledge of his ancestors and awaken the warrior within.

Ailan Kastom
Sunday 2 July, 10pm
The Torres Strait is a unique part of Australia, straddling the sea between the tip of Cape York and Papua New Guinea, developed as a result of this isolation and the many influences that have travelled this ancient land route.
Ailan Kastom explores Torres Strait culture as it is today, examining the history and geography, and other influences that have made the culture what it is today.
From the top western islands, through the central islands all the way to the volcanic eastern islands, the Torres Strait is filled with music, dance, art and centuries-old ceremonies, passed on through Elders who share their lives and hopes for the future.

Little J & Big Cuz – In Language versions
Monday – Friday, 4pm in Jarjums
During NAIDOC Week NITV will air ten in language episodes of Little J & Big Cuz, languages will include, Djambarrpuyngu, Pitjantjatjara, Arrernte, Walmajarri, Yawuru and Palawa Kani.

Monday, 3 July
4.00pm – Episode: Hopalong Language: Arrernte
4.15pm – Episode: Night Owl & Morning Maggie Language: Djambarrpuyngu

Tuesday, 4 July
4.00pm – Episode: Goanna Ate my Homework Language: Pitjantjatjara
4.15pm – Episode: Lucky Undies Language: Walmajarri

Wednesday, 5 July
4.00pm – Episode: Nothing Scares Me Language: Yawuru
4.15pm – Episode: New Tricks Language: Arrernte

Thursday, 6 July
4.00pm – Episode: Hopalong Language: Palawa Kani
4.15pm – Episode: Old Monster Dog Language: Pitjantjatjara

Friday, 7 July
4.00pm – Episode: Lucky Undies Language: Arrernte
4.15pm – Episode: Right Under Your Nose Language: Yawuru

Wednesday 5 July, 8pm
Jack Buckskin grew up on a diet of family and football, before life changing events led Jack on a new path. His life is now dedicated to renewing a once strong Aboriginal language and culture and to inspire the people of Adelaide to connect with Kaurna, the language and culture of his ancestors and of the country on which the city of Adelaide now sits.

Wednesday 5 July, 10pm
One of the major works produced by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS) Film Unit, Takeover observes the profound effect on an Aboriginal community of political and bureaucratic decisions, and the events that followed the Queensland state government’s decision to take control of the Aboriginal community of Aurukun in 1978.
The decision ultimately displaced the Uniting Church, which had managed the Aboriginal Reserve for 70 years.
At the request of the community, filmmakers David and Judith MacDougall documented the events of the following weeks, as the community marshalled its supporters to resist the takeover, and a stream of lawyers, politicians, Church officials, government advisers and representatives of mainstream media arrived to talk with the Aboriginal Council and the community at large.
Takeover is as much about the political betrayal of the community’s interests, as it is a record of the community’s aspirations to protect and nurture its traditional culture and relationship to Country.

Laura Festival 2013 Highlights
Saturday 24 June, 8 July, 15 July, 22 July 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is the celebration of Aboriginal culture in Cape York through song, dance, ceremony and performance. The performance and practice of Aboriginal dance and culture at the Laura Festival is a very important element in the preservation and continuance of the unique culture of the region.
Over 20 communities travel to Laura to dance and share culture with each other and also with the audience.

My Place Mini-Docs
Saturday 24 June, 8 July, 15 July, 22 July
12 x 3-5 minute short interstitials showcasing the culture and country of Far North Queensland. The mini-docs feature the Far North Queensland towns of Hopevale, Wujul Wujul, Mossman Gorge, Kuranda, Cairns, Yarrabah and Thursday Island.

NAIDOC Award Winner Stories 2017
Monday 3 July – Friday 7 July 7.20pm – 9.30pm
10 x 3-5 minute mini documentaries on the NAIDOC Award winners


Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture, history and people, the ABC is proud to support NAIDOC Week from 2 -9 July. The theme for this year is “Our Languages Matter” which aims to emphasise and celebrate the unique and essential role that Indigenous languages play in cultural identity.

A range of broadcast activity across all ABC platforms will recognise the contributions and value Indigenous Australia brings to the wider community, while providing audiences with a variety of ways to engage and join the celebrations.

Monday 3 July at 9:35pm
Q&A is broadcasting live from Alice Springs for the first time with guest host Virginia Trioli. Joining her on the panel will be Leader of Katter’s Australian Party Bob Katter, Local Labor member and Shadow Assistant Minister for Indigenous Health Warren Snowdon, Conservative indigenous Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price, Businesswoman and Chair of Tourism Central Australia Dale McIver and Senior Policy Officer, Central Land Council Josie Douglas.

Monday 3 July at 9.30pm
Destination Arnold
Filmed over two years this extraordinary film tells the story of Tash and Kylene, two Indigenous women determined to make it to “The Arnolds”, an invitation only bodybuilding competition to be held in Australia for the first time. To get there the pair must endure months of training, dieting and hard work, but their physical transformation is only the beginning.

Daily at 9.30am
Little J and Big Cuz
The animated series Little J and Big Cuz, follows the adventures of a couple of Indigenous Australian kids living with their Nanna and Old Dog. Five-year-old Little J and nine-year-old Big Cuz are busy with the ups and downs of playground and classroom. With the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen, they are finding all about culture, community and country.

ABC ME (and on ABC ME app)
Daily, various times
Create Indigenous Art Experiences on throughout NAIDOC Week
Watch and join in on some indigenous art experiences! Gather materials from your garden and get creative with some techniques taught to us by Annette Sax, a Taungurong woman of the Kulin nation as she guides viewers to make their own necklace, painting and collage on bark.

Each night throughout NAIDOC week ABC Kids will conclude its broadcast at 7pm with the Goodnight sign off voiced in a different Indigenous language.

ABC NEWS on TV, radio and online will have special reports and coverage of NAIDOC Week activities, including the National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony in Cairns this Saturday 1 July, announcing the NAIDOC Person of the Year.
Throughout the week following, there will be coverage from around the country including live crosses from community events on the ABC NEWS channel and 7pm ABC NEWS bulletins, as Australia celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Indigenous Australians.

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  1. Wow! Destination Arnold about Indigenous bodybuilders. Thank you ABC for reading my previous post on this forum about the lack of programs about Indigenous fitness and bodybuilding acting on it. Programs like this can only have a positive effect on a community where smoking and unhealthy lifestyles are endemic.

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