New panel show misbehaves but Seven claims Tuesday

Ratings: Social media was tough on Seven's new panel show. TEN tops the demos.

It’s lucky social media doesn’t equate to OzTAM ratings.

Seven’s new panel show Behave Yourself copped a bit of a hiding last night with many citing it as an unfunny Have You Been Paying Attention? Officially, it drew 510,000 viewers in a 9pm timeslot but from next week it will need to do some heavy lifting when it moves to a 7:30 slot on Tuesdays.

Nevertheless Seven was out in front thanks largely to Seven News and House Rules winning their slots. The penultimate episode of the renovation show drew 976,000 viewers, enough to top MasterChef‘s 879,000 and an underwhelming 20 to One (493,000) -which trailed 7:30.

Shark Tank led over ABC’s Diana special and Love Child – will the show get a renewal? TEN topped the demos again and pipped Nine in primary channel share.

SBS doco Queen Victoria’s Slum could well top its week at 359,000.

Seven network won with 30.3% then Nine 24.6%, TEN 23.1%, ABC 13.9% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.09m / 1.07m followed by House Rules (976,000), Home and Away (732,000), The Chase (643,000 / 402,000) and Behave Yourself (510,000). Wimbledon drew 376,000.

Nine News (1.02m / 993,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (878,000), Love Child (532,000), Hot Seat (527,000 / 297,000) and 20 to One (493,000). Operation Thailand was 301,000.

MasterChef Australia (879,000), Shark Tank (725,000), The Project (609,000 / 412,000), TEN Eyewitness News (524,000), Family Feud (390,000) and NCIS (338,000).

ABC News (746,000), Diana: Seven Days that Shook the World (541,000), 7:30 (512,000), Ask the Doctor (360,000), Foreign Correspondent (305,000) and Grand Designs (239,000) comprised ABC’s evening.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Queen Victoria’s Slum (359,000), Insight (224,000), Dateline (184,000), Tour de France (155,000) and SBS World News (138,000).

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom again lorded over the multichannels at 215,000.

Today Extra: 151,000 / 80,000
The Morning Show: 131,000 / 72,000
Studio 10: 83,000 / 56,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 4 July 2017

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  1. As usual …I seemed to prefer SBS viewing….
    I enjoyed Queen Victoria’s Slum….I was as shocked as the participants…one does not really think…until you see it laid out like that…
    And of course…I am watching the Tour de France….I am not into cycling…but those doing the commentary explain it reasonably well….I mostly watch for the scenery and explanations of various sites and happenings alone the way….

  2. The SBS ‘Queen’ series was very similar to the various ‘House’ series that were popular 10-15 years ago across the world, recreating the day to day life of a period with largely unprepared volunteers-always a shock to find out how hard life was for almost all people in the past-would be worth noting that folks were flooding in to the great industrial towns and cities to live in those conditions because it was even worse to be an agricultural laborer…

      1. After spending over 1 million an episode and millions marketing the thing, Nine are really throwing everything at Ninja to try and get that weekly win. Time will tell.

  3. I’m another who didn’t know about Behave Yourself – due to not watching much Seven and being in China for a week. Usually try every new show for at least 5 minutes! No doubt encores around, plus7 etc

  4. Agree overall with the below comments regarding Love Child.
    The Season finale was great last night – after a sometimes patchy S4, it tied up all the loose ends perfectly, if somewhat hurriedly. Everything resolved and lots of happy endings all around, except for Matron. I suspect that was the Series finale – it had that feel about it and it wouldn’t be the same without Mandy McElhinney as the domineering matron. She played that part perfectly – a very complex character – hateful, bitter, scheming but lonely and vulnerable at the same time.
    Will miss LC if there’s no S5 but has probably run its course.

    1. Haven’t watched yet but am curious to see if the show deserved the bagging it copped on social media.
      With the exception of a few like HYBPA? this genre of show often seems to fail or miss the mark on commercial television.
      The 7.30pm start from now on will surely restrict BY to somewhat restrained content as well.

  5. I never even knew about this Behave Yourself show being on, shows how little I watch Seven these days. Love Childs final was great, and this season as a whole was much better than season 3. I haven’t been keeping up on the ratings, but I know that every one who watched this season loved it. If they could get Mathew LeNevis back there could still be story for season 5.

  6. Just had a look at the combined and Behave Yourself jumped up the rankings significantly with 825k. David do you happen to know the numbers for the other panel show Best Bits that Seven did?

  7. Was a good episode of House Rules last night. Sorry to see the twins go.

    Watched Behave Yourself. It was far better than I expected. Much better than Big Music Quiz, I’ll come back next week.

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