Nine exploring McLeod’s Daughters return

Nine is in discussions with producer Posie Graeme-Evans about a potential return to McLeod’s Daughters.

A Nine spokesman confirmed the talks telling News Corp, “We know how much everybody loves McLeod’s Daughters, it’s an important part of our heritage.

“Nothing is commissioned, or set in stone.”

The talks follow actress Michala Banas teasing her followers on social media.

The article suggests this would be a reboot, but it’s too early to say if that means returning cast, next generation characters or otherwise…

McLeod’s Daughters wrapped in 2009 after 8 seasons, at its peak enjoying bumper ratings and Logie wins. The famed ‘Drover’s Run’ homestead in Kingsford, South Australia, was originally constructed in 1856. In 2009 it was turned into 5 star accommodation, but remains on the State Heritage Register and Register of the National Estate.

While Nine has Doctor Doctor and another Underbelly (with ex-McLeod’s cast member Aaron Jeffery) on the way, it is yet to announce further plans for its two Playmaker Media dramas House Husbands and Love Child. Firass Dirani recently indicated his desire to move on from House Husbands while the costs of period drama Love Child may make a 5th season a big ask.

If Nine was down two domestic dramas it could be stretched to meet local quota points… hence the likelihood of at least one new drama announcement around the corner.

In 2012 Nine announced a remake of TEN’s Return to Eden with McElroy Productions but did not proceed.

Otherwise, pencil in Flying Doctors or Snowy River?


  1. Dantheman84

    Too much female skewed drama at the moment…from love child, offspring, the wrong girl, wanted, Wentworth,APTCH, the secret daughter, doctor doctor and on and bloody on it goes and that’s just the Australian dramas.. we don’t need anymore of it seriously. Some male dominated or at least neutral would be appreciated.

  2. I really want to see McLeod’s Daughters back on TV! So much better than all of the other horrible reality stuff that is on now like Married at First Sight, pathetic Yummy Mummies…

    Bring it back Channel 9!!!

  3. I think it is time one of the networks does a reality show or some form of competition where contestants pitch their ideas for a TV show – whether it be drama, reality or otherwise – the winner gets to have their show made. TV is in desperate need of new and fresh ideas and seems that noone within the industry is coming up with them or the whole idea of risking a new idea is being quashed by the corporate money making side. So why not put it to the general population – surely there are ideas out there for new shows?

    Just as bad with movies too – so many rehashes or franchises.

  4. I don’t know how to feel about this. I loved McLeods but I stopped watching sometime after Claire’s death cos I felt it got a bit stupid. Claire’s death was one of the saddest Ive ever seen, that and Maggie Doyle. So I dunno how they would do a remake.

  5. I Loved McLeod’s Daughters, but it was a show that peaked before even halfway of what became an 8 series run. I still reckon Claire’s death was one of the saddest TV deaths in history.

    Lets not forget the show went out with a whimper with Nine burning most of the last season off in double and even quadruple episodes on Saturday nights during the summer of 2008-2009. I remember us viewers in NZ got the whole full season before nine even finished it. Its popularity in NZ oddly enough remained quite high till the end if I remember correctly.

  6. How about creating a new drama in the country rather than rehashing an old one? Doctor Doctor showed it could be done so try something new.

    No need to make a female skewing show either. Make it for all viewers and you can grab a bigger audience.

    • Personally I’d be looking at a Skyways or an airport backdrop. Yes there are shooting challenges, but plenty of policing / security stories for our times. Look how many seasons of Border Security have rated. Depends if you need male or female skewing content I guess, McLeod’s clearly the latter.

      • Oh God yes, Skyways.

        You could base whole episodes around the Hero’s Journey from the furthest gates of Tullamarine to baggage claim, domestic check-in, and back again because Jetstar won’t through-check you even when your connecting flight is the same plane you arrived on leaving from the same gate you arrived at.

        And for colour, there’s the groups of lost nomads – oh, the stories they could tell!, of switched-off cabin crew, ill-matched seatmates, and the backpacker who smuggled a baby hippo through the gate as carry-on – who’ve established a semi-permanent camp around the single trickling drinking fountain along the way…

        Go on, ask me about the last time I flew through Melbourne… 😉

        • Yes Skyways! I remember as a kid watching that show -Tina Bursill was sensational as the airport manager! I agree plenty of potential storylines!!

    • I totally scrolled down so I could write that they should return water rats. My favourite Aussie drama ever. If they don’t, which they won’t, we really need another cop drama. There used to be too many and every drama seemed to be a cop show, but, now there isn’t.

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