Ninja Warrior surges higher for Nine

Ratings: Nine's hit series hits a new high of 1.75m viewers, smashing everything in its path.

“How high can it go?” That’s the question other networks will be asking themselves as Australian Ninja Warrior hit a new high last night of 1.75m viewers -better than its debut of 1.68m.

The instant success of the Nine show is testament to the power of family viewing, harnessed by a sports meets entertainment format.

It was more than double the competition, Sunday Night (821,000) and MasterChef Australia (806,000), and needless to say it topped the demos again.

Nine News also pipped Seven News, 1.21m to 1.2m respectively.

The Wimbledon final averaged 464,000 for the Men’s Final from 10:30pm.

Nine Network won Sunday with an impressive 38.8% share then Seven 26.8%, TEN 16.5%, ABC 11.7% and SBS 6.3%.

Australian Ninja Warrior was #1 with 1.76m for Nine then Nine News (1.21m), 60 Minutes (1.06m) and Killer Women with Piers Morgan was 462,000.

Seven News (1.2m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (821,000), Border Security (624,000), Secrets of Scotland Yard (414,000) and Police Under Fire (346,000), but it climbed back up for Wimbledon (464,000).

MasterChef Australia (806,000), Bull (374,000), TEN Eyewitness News (347,000), Modern Family (344,000 / 288,000) and Family Feud (291,000) comprised TEN’s night. Formula One was 151,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (632,000) was best for ABC then Grand Designs NZ (478,000) and Poldark (433,000). A Death in Paradise repeat was 245,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (200,000), Great British Railway Journeys (162,000), Tour de France (161,000) and Treasures Decoded (119,000).

ABC2’s Dorothy the Dinosaur stomped all over the multichannels with 188,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 16 July 2017

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      1. How I wish I was old enough to have enjoyed the Rove glory days! Can you ever match Rove though? My go would be Shaun Micallef, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want another tonight show

  1. tremendous success for Channel 9 for this show. i honestly thought that it would rate high on its first outing and then slide down the ratings after that, but boy was i wrong. well done.
    David you asked how high can it go- i think the ratings for this show could go well past 2.2 million.
    have they commissioned season2 yet

  2. Last time I can remember such a hit, was probably MKR’s first two weeks in 2013.

    Pulled over 2m (metro), as high as over 2.3m (metro) for one or two eps, which MasterChef did in its final weeks in 2010.

    The Melbourne audience for Ninja Warrior is exceptional. Being a smaller city (albeit not by much) than Sydney & Seven having the AFL lead-in (which did over 220k)… Amazing result for Nine. A market which they haven’t won since 2006.

    Near 1.1m just Sydney + Melbourne!

  3. I enjoy ANW but have to turn the sound right down as Bec and Ben yelling annoys the living Harry out of me. Calling Beau Ryan a Rugby League Legend’ was really ridiculous for us NRL followers.’

  4. We are loving Ninja Warrior, and as a rock climber myself, I was delighted to see such strong performances from the climbing crew. However the real shock was the appalling handling of Paul Cashion, the deaf contestant. His disqualification was fair and square but I’m shocked at how the producers didn’t have a standby signal (lights or a person running alongside the course) ready to communicate to him. The editing that made to TV was painful and embarrassing to watch and lacked any dignity for the bloke.

    1. I saw social media reaction but I didn’t find it problematic. The whole point was he was treated equal to everybody else and I imagine that’s the way he wanted it. They had both his son and a production assistant running alongside which is what they showed.

      1. I have a vague recollection of a deaf contestant on Gladiators who had the lights flash for the start of The Wall. Personally, I was not satisfied with what was shown on this Ninja Warrior episode. It was a rare mis-step for the show.

  5. Was it just us or did last nights ANW seem far more ‘padded’ than the previous 3 eps? Back Story- Contestant- Commercial – Back Story- Contestant – Commercial… Don’t tell me they’ve gone and re-edited the eps to draw another week?

    1. Meanwhile, on 7, the network will up on the trend and create “My Obstacle Course Rules” in which teams of two will create an Obstacle Course in their backyard while other teams must complete each others course.

      Like 7’s other program, it will be more about the contrived drama and boring one-dimensional characters and less about the teams completing the obstacle course.

      1. Ha ha … clever stuff.
        And it highlights two of the things that are wrong with Australian networks which you can see playing out here. Now that Nine are on a winner, they will stretch it out next year and dilute interest. And as sure as morning follows night, Seven will find a way to copy it.

        1. It’ll be called My Cannonball Rules. I bet Seven are pissed they’ve sat on Cannonball since last year!! It’s a Similiar show to ANJ. Time for them to play copycat again after MKR from Masterchef & House Rules from The Block!

        2. Agree with your comments, 100% chance of a Seven copy appearing next year (or even late this year) – the only question is what it will be named. Both versions will feature more “backstory” and less elaborate obstacle courses that ANW this year.

    2. Can’t recall which season specifically, but on the American version, once their top 12-15 (or however many it was) qualified they were sent to a bootcamp to pick the top 10 to tackle Mount Midoriyama.

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