Red Symons recovering from “significant” brain injury

ABC broadcaster Red Symons has suffered a “significant injury to his brain” but no loss of function after a serious fall earlier this month.

ABC colleague Jon Faine told his listeners that the 68-year-old hit the back of his head “very hard” after falling while walking home from the supermarket on July 5.

But the former Hey Hey it’s Saturday star has lost none of his brain function.

“He’s working at coming back as soon as he can. The bottom line is he’s had a significant injury to his brain,” Faine said.

“He felt a bit unsteady, stopped, put his hand out to hold onto the building as he wobbled and fell backwards because it was a hill.

“Because he fell backwards, he hit the back of his head very hard on the pavement.”

Faine said it would take time for a full recovery.

“He hasn’t lost any function. He’s as sharp as ever,” Faine said.

Earlier this month in a statement to his listeners, Symons said, “I am currently in hospital, thankful to be receiving the best of medical attention and working on a speedy recovery.

“I’m sorry for this unexpected absence, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work as soon as possible.”

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