Returning: NCIS

TEN tells me NCIS is back in schedule once again, from Tuesday August 8.

This is Season 14, Episode 20 “A Bowl of Cherries” which was yanked from schedule.

Shark Tank moves to 7:30pm meaning Australian Survivor will slip back to 2 nights a week.

After a vice admiral’s laptop is infected with ransomware, he enlists McGee and the NCIS team to
track down the hacker. With only 34 hours to go before the virus deletes the admiral’s personal and
professional files, the team must race against the clock.

But their hacker investigation uncovers a much larger, creepier crime.

Quinn receives a “911” text from her mother, forcing her to take time off. In helping her mother, a
big family secret is exposed.

8:30pm Tuesday August 8 (do we believe them?).


  1. Ten removed NCIS because they needed to run Shark Tank behind Masterchef. They scheduled Shark Tank/NCIS for when Masterchef finished, but had to change their plans when Ninja Warrior turned out to be a surprise hit 3 nights a week.

    Once Survivor is established, Tuesday will be free so why wouldn’t Ten return NCIS? They’ve paid for the eps, will want to air them before the DVD release and have nothing better to show. And there’s no reason to keep them because they have more eps available in October (though they will likely save those for the next years ratings season again).

    • “They’ve paid for the eps, will want to air them before the DVD release”….

      Local DVD release doesn’t happen unless the network airs the title.

      • I don’t think that’s always the case. Sanity has the DVD release date as August 30. Then i’m sure other shows have come out on DVD before finishing their airing. I know for a fact that years ago I got the final season of Charmed on DVD before it finished on Ten but in that case they really were screwing around with it. I believe the same happened with Medium’s final season. More recently i was told season two of Scorpion was released before it’d finished airing on One

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