Returning: The Bachelor

Season 5 of The Bachelor Australia, featuring Matty J begins on Wednesday July 26.

Osher Günsberg returns as host as 22 single ladies vie for his attentions an hoping for a final red rose.

Aged between 23 and 34, these remarkable women include a police officer, a body painter, a midwife and a criminal lawyer, and host Osher Günsberg is on hand as Matty J meets them for the very first time.

Later, the Bachelorettes have their chance to make the best first impression at a drama-filled cocktail party. Chemistry will form and connections will develop, before the dazzling first rose ceremony, where Matty J will present single red roses to the Bachelorettes with whom he would like to spend more time.

Drama, rivalries, adventures and romance reach new heights this season, as Matty J invites the Bachelorettes on lavish single and group dates, to help him determine with whom he will spend the rest of his life.

The new season of The Bachelor Australia delivers more funny and unexpected moments, more drama and more surprises than ever before.

Will Matty J find his one true love? Let the fireworks begin.

7:30pm Wednesday July 26 on TEN.


  1. jezza the first original one

    So just when we have the first female Dr Who we still have this!!!! Such strange times we live in….however the first few weeks of both the Bach & rette are normally good fun as I guess many of the ‘contestants’ are just there to have a laugh and not take it too seriously

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