The Front Bar gets new timeslot in Adelaide

Seven can smell the whiff of competition and is giving its AFL panel The Front Bar a new timeslot in Adelaide.

From this Thursday it screens at 8:30pm, same timeslot as Melbourne, where it has enjoyed wins over The Footy Show.

Featuring Andy Maher, Mick Molloy and Sam Pang, The Front Bar premiered just two years ago as an online show on the AFL website and was picked up by Seven last year and turned into a one hour studio based program.

Mick Molloy said, “Well done Adelaide and thanks for coming on board. We’re going prime time.”


  1. Sadly, it is still airing at midnight in Sydney (and assuming Brisbane) on SevenMate. I know ratings aren’t the best up here in the NRL States, but surely a slightly better time slot is needed. Even if it is a 10.30-11pm start slot.

    • Agree!
      Last week it was on here in QLD at 12:30am and I had forgotten about it 🙁 Same with Footy Classified which is screened on GEM, always late and always a different time each week although Footy Classified started at 11:25pm this week.

  2. Its about time. Two weeks ago it aired here at midnight????

    I love this show. It’s great that its beating the AFL Footy show. That show is way past its used by date…(by about 15 yrs)

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