Update: NCIS

Bad news for those awaiting TEN to complete NCIS season 14.

It was due next week, then yanked. But now it is not reappearing a week later either.

Australian Survivor is now confirmed to run ┬áSunday July 30 – Tuesday August 1. As a result Shark Tank is pushed back to a 9pm start.

That means no room for NCIS, at least on Tuesdays. It’s hard to see TEN opting to move it to another night.

I will advise if there is any change!


  1. So at this rate it’ll be on DVD before Ten actually air the final episodes. Sanity is listing it (or were when i looked the other night) as being released August 30 so if that’s true & Ten want to air the episodes before then they better hurry up & find a slot for it. The thing which annoys me the fact that they can air repeats & replays of shows – including NCIS repeats – but can’t air the new eps of the show

  2. On a quick look at next week’s TV guide, 10 could broadcast 2 first run eps of NCIS on 11 Tuesday and Friday, and on 11 the fifth episode the following week. Instead, they want to show movies that are reruns.

    Not everyone wants to watch first run eps of Au Survivor, and fans like, me would watch the first run eps of NCIS.

    Delaying these final episodes, risks the network not having me view their products on any channel, next Tuesday. I’ll either watch another channel, or watch what I’ve recorded. Showing the final episodes on 11 means, at least I stay with the TEN Network for a few hours Tuesday/Friday next week.

  3. Maybe they are going to put CRAM in the 7:30 slot after 2 weeks of Survivor? They are filming 5 episodes this weekend. It would give them time to edit the episodes etc.

  4. Because of Ninja Warrior, Ten bumped NCIS and then Shark Tank to run a movie. Shark Tank is on the following week, and presumably it was finishing up because Australian Survivor is starting. So hopefully NCIS will replace Shark Tank.

    It’s the middle of Winter and there is hardly any first run US drama or comedy on the commercial networks, and the keep ditching what they do own. Never seen this before. I’m spooling repeats of House in case the situation doesn’t improve and I even watched an episode of The Mysteries of Laura (much better than S1 but still mediocre).

  5. I won’t complain about an extra ep of Survivor, but what will Ten screen in October and November if they burn through it so quickly? Bachelor/Bachelorette also tends to finish well before the end of the ratings year. Unless this is just for launch week, and then they revert to Sunday/Monday.

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