Utopia tops timeshifted shows so far this year

A timely reminder that shows can see big boosts even after their Overnight ratings.

In a timely reminder that shows can still pull a big crowd after their overnight broadcast, last week’s episode of Utopia is the most Timeshifted show so far this year.

While 846,000 watched the series return in Overnight ratings last week, another 302,000 viewed it in the 7 days afterwards, taking its audience to 1.15m viewers.

TV Tonight understands another 100,000 have viewed it on iview, and there will be a further lift from 28 Day Consolidated viewing to come.

Working Dog are on a high at the moment with Have You Been Paying Attention? one of TEN’s biggest hits this year and a new series of Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures on the way.

That just leaves open the question of whether Pacific Heat is likely to get a renewal, but the series takes long time to produce, so I wouldn’t expect an answer on that anytime soon.


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  1. Magic show and after being in the Public Service unfortunately just so true, I just can not help laughing about what I mentioned at “Team “meetings not that long ago.

  2. Utopia continues to be a great comedy, and in my option is far superior than the majority of USA workplace comedies like Parks & Rec, The Office, and 30 Rock. Just goes to show you don’t need big name celebrities, unrealistic situations, or pulling a stupid face at the camera to get a laugh.

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