1. Yummy Mummies is not good tv. Who wants to watch a bunch of pregnant ladies bitching about each other?? (no offense to pregnant ladies in general) but really.

  2. Bruce Banner

    I finally caught about 10 minutes total of ANW last night, and I don’t get it at all – I appreciate the physicality and fitness of the contestants, but it was like watching paint dry after the first contestant. It all looked cheap as well, not very exciting obstacles.

  3. Connor Mansell

    I saw this coming with the low ratings Behave Yourself got last week and the Yummy Mummies ratings on Sunday. Seven’s really got to pull something out of their @$$ for next Tuesday

    • Remember what they did about the same time last year with the same problem,they rolled out Cats make You laugh out loud,Maybe they will do it again for next weeks schedule.

    • I think what Seven should do is move border security from Wednesday to Tuesday then put Little bit shots on at 7:30 Wednesday. Maybe Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmares or hotel hell at 8:30 until Masterchef has finished for the year, then launch Hell’s Kitchen at that timeslot. Problem solved ?

  4. melbourneamy

    I have a new favourite show, sorry to my neighbours if I woke you up with hysteric laughing, Yummy Mummies is just so damn funny that I was in tears by the end!!!! Best comedy I’ve seen in a long long time.

    • Armchair Analyst

      Sure is. As i commented before its a comedy mainly. if you view it as a comedy even a bad one becasue of how outlandish characters are than its quite good.

  5. An aptly titled headline – ‘horror night for Seven’. It looks like Nine is going to claw back its ratings in the second half of the year. Who would have thought that it would take a new Ninja show (instead of the traditional big show like Voice) to take down Seven!

      • As David and I discussed the other day, there’s two metric’s to look at.

        Yes, Seven have owned the weekly wins.

        But the actual year-to-date shares (%) are a lot closer that what you’d think.

        If Seven perform poorly right through the second half, Nine could win its first year in total people since 2006!

        • Yeah – I can’t think of any particular show from Seven from now on that would boost its ratings as much as the first half of this year (not sure about Hell’s Kitchen and Little Big Shot). However, Nine still has the established brand ‘The Block’ which would likely boost Nine for several weeks.

          • Seven will heavily rely on the AFL for as long as possible, to give them large wins on Fridays and Saturdays.

            Whether that will win weeks for them, will depend on how they perform fron 6pm to midnight Sunday to Thursday.

            Ten also have Survivor, Bachelor & Bachelorette remember.

          • I think people are starting to get sick of the block or Reno shows in general, so we’ll see how Nine goes there, but Seven needs another reality show not repeats of border security or highway patrol or make you lol

  6. I watched about 10 minutes of ANW before deciding is was terrible – the bravado & fun of this type of Japanese game show was lost in translation.

    However, despite my opinion of the show, the 3 nights of ratings demonstrate that if there is content that viewers want to watch on FTA TV, they will turn on.

    • I watched it again last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it last week with laugh out loud segments. Not quite the same show last night. No belly laughs for me. Enjoyable enough to check it out next week however.

      • Finally got around to checking out Behave Yourself – it’s quite OK.
        Got a few laughs out of it and Lawrence is always entertaining.
        Certainly doesn’t deserve all the bagging it’s been getting.
        Maybe better suited to early on a Friday or Saturday night.

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