ABC comedies light up Wednesday

Ratings: Viewers are sending networks a message seemingly falling on deaf ears: they want Comedy.

Commercial networks should be investing more money into local comedy based on last night’s ratings.

Utopia (744,000) and Mad as Hell (721,000) outranked anything offered by the commercials after 7:30pm, aside from The Block (957,000) which topped 2 demos.

Even ABC’s Get Krack!n won its slot at 9:30pm at 433,000 viewers -a hefty lift compared to previous comedies in the same slot.

Meanwhile we have two commercial networks yet to reveal any new scripted comedy…..?

Elsewhere Seven News and ACA were winners, while The Bachelor, Doctor Doctor and Offspring all took a dip. On social media fans seemed to be resigned to Offspring wrapping in a good place and conceding time might be up.

Nine network won with 27.3% then Seven 26.6%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 19.0% and SBS 7.7%.

The Block was best for Nine with 957,000 viewers then Nine News (902,000 / 883,000), A Current Affair (769,000), Doctor Doctor (632,000) and Hot Seat (458,000 / 236,000). Embarrassing Bodies Revisits was 236,000.

Seven News (1.03m / 976,000) was #1 for Seven followed by Home and Away (690,000), The Force (645,000), Border Security (623,000), The Chase (578,000 / 361,000) and Criminal Minds (436,000 / 332,000).

The Bachelor (680,000) led for TEN, next were The Project (638,000 / 381,000), Offspring (545,000), TEN Eyewitness News (455,000) and Family Feud (344,000). A Wrong Girl repeat was 164,000.

Utopia (744,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (721,000), ABC News (710,000), Hard Quiz (625,000), 7:30 (594,000) and Get Krack!n (433,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Diana vs Elizabeth (291,000), Ireland with Simon Reeve (256,000), SBS World News (155,000), The Good Fight (153,000) and River Cottage Australia (107,000).

Shaun the Sheep was unbeaten on multichannels at 279,000.

Sunrise: 269,000
Today: 251,000
News Breakfast: 99,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 30 August 2017

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  1. I love Tom Gleeson in Hard Chat. Utopia is the best comedy on TV currently, (I hope it’s a comedy and not a factual) and Mad as Hell is brilliant. I thought Get Krack!n was utter garbage but that’s the nature of comedy. Good on the ABC for giving all of these a go.

  2. Have to agree with those here that weren’t impressed by the first ep of Get Krack!n.
    I found it pretty boring and I’m a fan !
    Even I found McClennan hard to take here.
    I do love McCartney though – her dour sarcasm is priceless.
    Much prefer The Katering show.
    But I’ll give it another chance.

  3. I’ve just iViewed Get Krack!n and there were some genuine hearty laughs (just thinking of the cyclist crashing has made me crack up all over again whilst typing this). The dour Kate is the real star and gets the best lines while the peppy Kate is way over the top and tries to cram far too much prattle with a low hit rate. The Danza Direct segment was great, too. I’ll watch again next week but I think it needs some fine tuning.

  4. The ABC describes Get Krack!n as a satire, but it’s really nothing more than wafer-thin parody.

    Parody is the exaggerated yet superficial imitation of a situation or event, whereas satire is an examination of the systems of belief and motivation underpinning institutions.

    Get Krack!n is essentially a one joke concept, and like a punchline to a joke, doesn’t get funnier when repeated.

    A far better show would have been to go behind the scenes of a breakfast TV show to examine the logic (or illogic) of why these shows are so inane, rather than just showing the inanity.

    And what’s with all the random swearing? I can’t imagine what the Yanks will make of it when it airs there.

  5. Thought Mad As Hell was brilliant last night. The opening monologue was incisive and perfectly summed up the contradictions and hypocrisy of federal politics right now.

    Haven’t seen Get Krack!n yet. Will prob catch-up tonight.

  6. I thought Get Krack!n was absolutely awful and after 5 mins I had to give up, I did not have the patience to see if it became funny. Meanwhile, another great episode of Utopia last night.

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