Airdate: Rowdie’s Chemical Romance

ABC2 tonight premieres the first in a 5 part locally-produced series of shorts, Rowdie’s Chemical Romance.

The series stars Indigenous-Australian presenter 25 year old Rowdie Walden as a single guy trying science to find love.

Rowdie first appeared on Catalyst, before his previous 6 part iview series NANO, which is returning later this year.

Rowdie’s Chemical Romance will also screen on iview.

We’re always told that reality TV shows are ‘social experiments’ in finding love – but how about an actual science experiment? In a Dr Karl-meets-The-Bachelor look at the science of love, each episode of this five-part series explores an aspect of love and attraction.

Despite dating apps, social media and constant connectivity, it’s as hard as ever for millennials to find love. In Rowdie’s Chemical Romance, premiering Monday 14th August on ABC and iview, unlucky in love Rowdie Walden will probe the connections between love and science in a bid to find himself a partner.

What’s the deal with attraction, and can you engineer it using nasal spray? …can DNA find you your perfect match? …and can his parents pick the perfect match?

Rowdie’s Chemical Romance – where a single guy tries to use science to find love.

8:20pm tonight on ABC2.

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