Airdate: Three Girls

BBC First will screen Three Girls, a three-part drama based on the true stories of the victims of the 2012 grooming and sex trafficking case in Rochdale.

The series, made with their full co-operation, is written by Nicole Taylor (The C Word), and produced by the same team as Five Daughters.

It stars Maxine Peake (Silk) Lesley Sharp (Scott &, Bailey) and features Jill Halfpenny, Paul Kaye, Ace Bhatti, Lisa Riley, Molly Windsor, Liv Hill, Ria Zmitrowicz, Naomi Radcliffe.

Carefully researched and featuring a strong cast including Maxine Peake (Silk) and Lesley Sharpe (Scott & Bailey), the highly-acclaimed Three Girls follows three once carefree youngsters as they pluck up the courage to tell the authorities about the grooming and abuse – only to find that those who should have protected them just don’t want to know. As the situation takes its toll on the girls and their families, they finally make themselves heard, braving the courtroom to help convict nine men for the crimes.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from October 12 on BBC First.


  1. Original airdate on the BBC was in May. Only 5 months late.

    This is not good enough. They must have a little laugh to themselves when they make these air date announcements to promote a show and then the piracy numbers and/or views on BBC iplayer take off because rather than wait another 8 weeks, that’s what most people who would like to see this show would do.

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