Comedy beats Drama on Wednesday

Ratings: Mad as Hell & Utopia outrank Doctor Doctor & Offspring. Nine wins Wednesday.

ABC comedies Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell and Utopia outranked Nine’s Doctor Doctor and TEN’s Offspring last night.

Mad as Hell won its slot with 723,000 viewers and Utopia on 702,000, the latter increasing on last week. The two dramas, which hit screens around 8:40pm saw a drop for Nine but a lift for TEN, when compared to a week earlier.

The Block was up at 1.03m viewers, also topping  2 x demos, while The Bachelor lifted on last week too. Seven’s factuals managed third in their slot with Border Security lifting.

Seven NewsACA and The Chase all won their slots.

Nine won Wednesday with 27.9% then Seven 26.2%, TEN 20.05, ABC 18.4% and SBS 7.5%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.03m then Nine News (945,000 / 936,000), A Current Affair (789,000), Doctor Doctor (690,000) and Hot Seat (487,000  / 284,000). Embarrassing Bodies Revisits was 209,000.

Seven News (1.01m / 961,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (685,000), Border Security (668,000), The Force (628,000), The Chase (600,000 / 411,000), Criminal Minds (442,000 / 329,000).

The Bachelor (749,000) led for TEN followed by The Project (628,000 / 372,000), Offspring (568,000), Family Feud (334,000). NCIS: LA was 227,000.

ABC News (733,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (723,000), Utopia (702,000), Hard Quiz (631,000), 7:30 (609,000) and Growing Up Gracefully (308,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Ireland with Simon Reeve (230,000), Inside The Old Bailey (228,000), The Good Fight (188,000), SBS World News (146,000). The Handmaid’s Tale was 117,000.

On multichannels, Shaun the Sheep grew to 277,000.

Today: 285,000
Sunrise: 254,000
News Breakfast: 117,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 23 August 2017.

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  1. I got into watching SBS on Wednesday nights when they had on Night Manager/Fargo/Young Pope… now it’s The Good Fight and Handmaids Tale… they’ve had some awesome shows… it’s kinda becoming my favorite night of tv… pity quality doesn’t always translate to viewers

    1. Yeah, SBS has really been kicking some goals with their drama slate. On top of that, their programs start on time and you can be pretty sure that they’ll be in the same time-slot the following week.

      It’s now my most-watched TV network.

  2. My partner Likes the block I do not know why ….last night show was like a rerun of tuesday night most things they show last night was show on tuesday night except for the challenge they did …very bad editing. I say how many times can they say MCCafe in one show or the biggest block ever

  3. A cracking Wednesday night Comedy lineup at present on the ABC.
    Love Mad as Hell and Utopia and have also enjoyed Growing Up Gracefully.
    But for me, Hard Quiz is the star of the show. Tom Gleeson is hilarious – love the banter between him and his contestants. Where does he find them ? Some truly “unique” individuals for sure.

      1. It doesn’t bother me whether or not we are behind. I personally think that there are too many people in the show now, they barely get 5 minutes of air time each. Also, even though they have revamped it with all the new characters, it feels tired to me. I’ll keep watching this season, but if it doesn’t improve I might not be back for next season.

  4. Im still enjoying the good fight but why do american dramas always have to reference to politics?

    I am getting a little bit over the trump storylines on the show though. Just give me good court cases storylines. Not weather a black person in the office voted for Trump. That is my only beef about the show.

    Nice to hear Alicia’s name get mentioned again and I couldn’t take Matthew Perry seriously last night as a lawyer who seemd like a character not to mess with. All I had in my head was Chandler. I was expecting funny jokes to come out.

  5. It’s all killer with very little filler on Wednesday’s on the ABC from 8:00… It’s a really great line-up. Kudos to them and I’m stoked it’s working… Gruen will again dominate when it comes in a few weeks too.

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