Craig McLachlan: Dr. Blake a recipe for success

Doctor Blake
star Craig McLachlan has added to further talk of the show’s future, which co-creator George Adams recently confirmed would be revealed soon.

Speaking about the ABC’s decision to wrap the series, McLachlan told Fairfax,”I come from a small-business family, so let me put it in small business-speak.

“Think of the ABC as a cafe with a really eclectic menu. Some of the items on that menu, people might try once, not really to their liking. Some items, they’ll never sample.

“There’s one item that certain people might think is boring: it’s just a good, old-fashioned sandwich, roast beef, tomato, mustard, but, f—, it’s made well and it keeps the door of that cafe open. New management come along and what do they do? They decide to ditch it. Where I come from: stupid.

“Because there will be a cafe around the corner that’ll do anything to get the recipe for that sandwich. And that’s all I’m going to say on that matter.”

News on just where that cafe is located is expected soon.


  1. Speaking from a USA perspective, Dr Blake is excellent programming. Given the time period and social/political climate in which the show is set, it is progressive for that era. I truly and sincerely hope Dr Blake is continued for quite some time and will continue to be available for viewing in the USA. It is far superior to tv programming in the US and having watched all the Midsomer series and other international shows, Dr Blake tops the list and I hope to see it continued.

  2. Removing Dr Blake says something about the ABC’s lack of understanding of the Worldwide commercial market for evergreen crime and detective shows, well written ‘entertainment’ is really what it is all about so perhaps the ABC should highlight the word ‘entertainment’ more as a primary goal for its future production content.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Perfect metaphor. ABC Cafe’s new management have replaced their well-made and well-loved roast beef sandwich with underdone turkey.

    I guess Dr Blake will be going to Foxtel unless Seven is looking to add roast beef to complement its roast chicken.

    • Cable operators have mandated local production quotes so it would make sense for 13th Street to pick up Dr Blake off the shelf. Streaming services have so far been targeting younger viewers but they could want to try and broaden their demographic (a subs fee is a subs fee).

      The ABC is not a small business, it’s large bureaucracy with a $1.2b pa in funding locked in, and a production deal with Netflix. 44 eps of something that isn’t sexy is a very long run for an ABC series. The ABC can get the same audience with UK mysteries, for less money, since they aren’t subject to local content quotas.

    • “Well, Jean, it’s a bit like this…”

      And thinking about that has just made me realise how much TV drama – and not just Dr. Blake – is basically thinly-disguised mansplaining… 😉

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