Foxtel downgrades Smooth, Foxtel Arts. Axes LifeStyle YOU.

Job losses and 'channel sharing' in the latest cuts at Foxtel.

Foxtel is axing LifeStyle YOU and downgrading two of its channels, Smooth & Foxtel Arts, which will share the same broadcast signal from October.

It is understood around  dozen roles were shed at the News Corp / Telstra owned Pay TV provider.

From October 11 Foxtel Arts and Smooth will share the same broadcast signal, while still occupying two channel numbers (133 and 806) but be day-parted, with Smooth programming throughout the day and overnight from Midnight to 6.00pm and Foxtel Arts content scheduled from 6.00pm to 12 Midnight, daily.

There is no change in pricing however Foxtel Arts will be available to all customers, irrespective of their subscription package.

Lifestyle YOU content will be moving to The Lifestyle Channel, Arena and On Demand.

“We have taken this decision because it makes a lot of sense both in financial terms and audience optimisation,” said Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television. “Foxtel Smooth’s peak audiences are in daytime, whilst for Arts, audiences tune in during the evening, so this is really about combining the best of both worlds for our customers. Yes this is consolidation, however, as our television and video world continues to evolve, it is imperative we review every aspect of the business.

“Foxtel is in the business of curating and acquiring the best content across multi genres and creating strong super channels which serve a wide variety of tastes. The new Smooth / Arts combo and the streamlining of Lifestyle YOU are examples of that,” he said.

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  1. I don watch those channels either but have noticed Foxtel is offering less and less choice and less channels every year ,but costs are sky high .i remember when foxtel use to have 16 movie channels .got Netflix now best thing since sliced bread and cheap as .

  2. I am not a viewer of these channels, but given OzTAM’s latest B2 report indicates all three channels have a 0.2 channel share there are people out there who do. Consolidating Smooth with Foxtel Arts based on evidence that viewership differs by time is justifiable. However, dumping LifeStyle You with no justification is unacceptable. People are asking for more choice, not less, and this is just another example of Foxtel going against what the people are saying. The drop of 3 channels (LifeStyle You, You + 2 and either Smooth or Foxtel Arts) without the launch of any replacements is just adding salt to the wound, with people being less enticed to keep their expensive subscriptions. Just the opinion of a platinum subscriber for 10+ years.

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