Govt to tackle media reform this week as clock ticks for TEN

Bids for taking over Channel TEN are by due Friday, according to media reports, with a view to getting a buyer ready by the end of the month.

That’s when operating funds from Lachlan Murdoch, Bruce Gordon & James Packer run out.

Gordon and Murdoch face examination from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with a decision or statement of issues due August 24.

Also in the mix are thought to be US studio CBS, Oaktree Capital Management, New York-based hedge fund Anchorage Capital Group, and private equity and distressed debt firm Lone Star Funds.

Pressure will be on Parliament this week to pass changes to media ownership regulation, if Gordon and Murdoch have a shot at a successful bid.

The matter has been scheduled for debate again on Tuesday.

Labor opposes some of the proposed measures in the bill, meaning the Government is relying on the support of the Senate crossbench to have it passed.

When contacted by the ABC, the Nick Xenophon team, the Greens and One Nation all indicated a deal for their support had not been finalised.

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie also remains undecided.

Source: Australian Financial Review, ABC


  1. Considering NCIS: New Orleans was airing in that 10/10.10pm timeslot last week and prior, I doubt viewers would have found it any different.

    Admittedly had they planned their scheduling more thoroughly, they probably should have ran double new episodes over the last few weeks so that it finished last night in place of the repeats they had been airing following the new episode.

  2. Network 10 make it very hard for people to follow shows they broadcast, that viewers want to watch.

    Last night NCIS:NO was a double episode, beginning around 9pm, which meant it would’ve been a late night for anyone who wanted to watch and not record, or try and find it on Tenplay, which on some formats it doesn’t show straight away.

    And next week the 1hr season finale goes to air just before midnight, after the 2.5hr long movie “Taken3” which I think is a repeat. Why a first run, season finale, can’t go to air between the Survivor episode and a movie repeat, is beyond me.

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