1. I wonder if Reality TV is on the wane a bit. Hard to tell I suppose, as there’s always two new shows for every one that reaches an end, but the stratospheric ratings aren’t there for it anymore.

  2. I thought the new Catalyst was a big improvement on the former stodge, although it didn’t rate well. It featured an emerging technology and was interesting.

    • I thought it was fascinating show and it really made me reassess my views towards virtual reality. Potentially a lot of emotional and addictive problems could be generated through wide spread adoption. That scene where they approached to take the headset off him after 5 straight hours of VR experience said a lot – they approached very carefully, almost expecting him to lash out.

    • Agreed. I was expecting, based on the advertising, to be getting a real behind the scenes look at Parliament House.

      Instead we are getting a behind the scenes show about the individual members with some Parliment House stuff thrown in as well.

  3. Every time I see a reality show like Hell’s Kitchen I can’t help but think of the refugee problem. Only in this case there must be hundreds or even thousands of minor celebrities being washed around the world looking for a safe (reality show) haven that they can get their mug on. At the same time who knows what the world weary expert must be thinking as he is surrounded by this motley crew – take the money and run, I suspect.

  4. jezza the first original one

    Remember when folk used to say that you can put any rubbish on ch7 and it will rate? Those days are over……we watched Top of the Lake ep2 on catch up followed by Anthony Bourdain in Beiruit

  5. I am surprised by K&K numbers. Obviously enough time has passed to enjoy it again. It was all over the screens for a while there.
    Plus lighthearted comedy is easy to digest!

    • Same here.
      Watched K&K the first time around and loved it then – an absolute favourite of mine back then.
      Wasn’t intending on watching all the reruns but couldn’t resist watching the first ep for a bit of nostalgia.
      Of course I was hooked all over again – just as good the second time around.
      I’m sure we all know a Kath, Kim or Shaz somewhere in our lives….

  6. Can’t understand why Ten is not rating higher than Seven. Ten’s program lineup is vastly superior to the rubbish offered by Seven at the moment.

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