Prime to launch 7flix in September

Good news for regional viewers in NSW, ACT, Victoria and the Gold Coast.

Regional network Prime has at last announced that 7flix will be added to its markets in NSW, ACT, Victoria and the Gold Coast.

The movie and entertainment channel will launch on Channel 66 on Sunday 3rd September, some 18 months after Seven launched it in metropolitan markets.

Prime had previously indicated changes broadcasting changes in regional markets were far more than metro operations, and required “substantial capital investment.”

But the channel’s arrival will mean first run episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal and The Amazing Race plus reruns of Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, The Nanny and Married With Children.

Viewers who have missed episodes have been able to view via PLUS7, with programming expected to pick up episodes where they are on Seven.


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  1. I’m happy this is finally happening, but I realise a lot of the shows I was looking forward to when the channel launched, like Galavant, Benson, Good Times, have come and gone, so I have to hope they’ll turn up on the schedule again at a later date.

  2. Hi Jason. I understand Seven’s primary channel is broadcast in HD in the AFL-focused state capitals of Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
    In the rugby league-focused capitals of Sydney and Brisbane (where AFL ratings are lower) Seven’s primary channel doesn’t air in HD. But in these two capitals 7mate is aired in HD instead to allow AFL fans to still see their favourite code in high definition.

  3. Hopefully that means 7 won’t be showing same repeats of TBBT on both Mate & Flix as they do in the metro area to accomadate the regional viewers who could only watch it on Mate.

  4. In a simultaneous announcement Prime viewers will be getting an additional garbage collection service for 7Flix broken promises, dashed expectations, used disappointment cream and spent repetition-itus medication. Why should city folk have all the fun?

  5. Great news from Prime about 7flix’s September launch but what about their long-promised addition of a main Prime7 high definition channel? Let’s hope it arrives sooner rather than later.

  6. That’s great news…such a shame it’s taken so long…lucky I have been able to watch GA & HTGAWM via Plus7 but my friend has just bought the last season of GA on DVD through Amazon because she doesn’t have unlimited internet access. Fingers crossed the new seasons of these shows will align with the US…somehow I doubt it!

  7. I would be a lot more excited about this if Prime hadn’t started dropping first-run content from the main channel.

    It was pleasant to not have to use PLUS7 to catch up on Quantico for the first three weeks of its return to the main channel. Guess they needed the extra home shopping money to pay for 7flix?

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