Returning: Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot returns for its third season in October.

This will air express from the US on Showcase on Thursday October 12th, same day as the US.

Psychological thriller Mr Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a cyber-security engineer who, along with hacker Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and hacker group fsociety, starts a revolution to change the world. Season 3 will explore each character’s motivations and the disintegration between Elliot and Mr. Robot.


  1. Hi David, Just flagging a small typo on the menu/home screen for this news item, where there’s mention of Season 2 instead of the Season 3 I believe is forthcoming…

  2. I didn’t like Season 2 as much as I liked the first. I hope they take Season 3 back to the same settings that made me love it so much. Season 2 got so dark that it got depressing to watch. Especially the first few episodes. But I still enjoyed it.

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