TEN News regrets “creative error” in photoshopping

TEN Eyewitness News has apologised for photoshopping an image of a homophobic poster into a bus shelter in a report about the Marriage Equality debate.

The report, ignited by an anti-same-sex marriage poster in a Melbourne laneway, superimposed the poster into a stock Getty Images pic of an overseas bus shelter, and claimed the campaign was making waves across the city.

TEN’s Director of Corporate & Public Communications, Neil Shoebridge, told Media Watch, “The poster in question had been taken down when our film crew visited the laneway in question so we were forced to source a copy online.

“Unfortunately, an oversight in briefing our graphics department interstate may have created a false impression about its size and location. This was not a deliberate attempt to mislead our audience, but a creative error which we regret.”

Media Watch last night exposed the original poster as not having been spotted in any more than 1 location.

Except those alongside plenty of headlines….


  1. peter cronshaw

    It is as if to be in the no camp is illegal or not politically correct.I don’t believe in marriage full stop & if marriage has to be it should be between a man & a woman.

  2. If the No campaign didn’t exist then it would have to be invented. The ALP needs it to justify trying to deny people a say, activists to gain victimhood status that that they can make emotive arguments to support their causes, and the media to generate stories about conflict they can peddle. They will give the No side far more attention than it ever would get otherwise.

    Greiner is the only person to try advancing a rational argument for same-sex marriage. And of course what the vote will be on, how to go about, impacts on religious freedoms and use of legislation to impose language and systems of thought on people. That should be more fun with a Government that may not have a majority and a Senate ruled by crazy independants.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Unlikely. You know that the plebiscite is a sop and waste of time right? If the answer is ‘No’ the govt will say “See, we told you that people don’t want this”, and if the answer is ‘Yes’, we’ll be back where we started as it’s not legally-binding on anything.

          The hard right of the coalition have been doing their damnedest to delay SSM becoming legal as much as they can. The plebiscite is just smoke and mirrors trying to hide the elephant in the room.

    • +1 to that, i mean you’ve got an environment where Fake News is talked about, and rather than try to disprove the narrative, a network decides to play into it…. absolutely disgraceful.

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