TEN roadblocks Survivor across 3 channels

Reality show hopes to outwit, outplay & outlast across TEN, ELEVEN and ONE....

TEN is screening Australian Survivor across three channels tomorrow.

It will air simultaneously at 7:30pm on TEN, ELEVEN and ONE.

Whilst TEN may argue it is to bring the show to as many viewers as possible, it will also enable the show to merge its ratings into a single figure, against The Block and Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

OzTAM allows for merging of multichannel numbers where a show is simulcast, something it did for over two years with Family Feud. In the end it increased its network share by offering 3 alternatives at the same time, rather than 1.

Whilst Australian Survivor is enjoying good fan feedback, its ratings are not so flash, failing to fire with older viewers. On Monday TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are pleased with how Australian Survivor launched last night, given the heavy competition. It is a great show, with extraordinary contestants, drama and challenges. Australian Survivor dominated social media last night and we are confident viewers will engage with the show – across all platforms – as the new season unfolds.”

Who knew all platforms meant ELEVEN and ONE too?

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  1. I’m a fan of Survivor- I’ve watched most US seasons, watched last year’s Australian one and listened to RHAP podcast. But for some reason I’m just not enjoying this new season. Maybe it will grow on me but so far it’s been boring.

  2. Up until now they had left Scorpion relatively alone and actually played it out in order at the same timeslot, now it joins the long list of “shows we will jerk around to satisfy this weeks KPI”

  3. As usual, when there is a simulcast like this, network share dives. Ten lose money out of doing it, it does not drive more viewers. Its an invitation for the regular ONE and ELEVEN viewers to go elsewhere. Those watching One or ELEVEN on Sunday night are watching content there because they don’t want to watch Survivor or anything on any of the other channels. This move makes them switch off or go elsewhere. I doubt (and the ratings show it) there is any evidence that road blocks improve or generate more ratings. They do the opposite and help other channels.

  4. Guys – US cable networks do this all the time – it’s not to boost one night “network share” it’s to get additional sampling of a show / franchise that is important to a network, long term.

    MTV airs the VMAs across about 5 networks.
    Nat Geo often runs event docs across about 5 channels.
    And Viacom recently ran Rupaul Drag Race and Fire Island premieres across about 5 Viacom networks too.

  5. 1. Beverly McGarvey announced to simulcast Family Feud on 1, 10, 11 in 2014.
    2. I’m a Celebrity where they tripled the channels at the same time in 2015. In 2016, with 10HD revival, it has reverted to a single primary channel simulcast.
    3. Ended its 3 channel simulcast of Family Feud This year.
    I thought Ten is the only network to have done a triple channel simulcast of TV shows?

    1. They were going to drop in ratings this week anyway due to the Hells Kitchen premiere. They are probably simulcasting it to offset the ratings losses they will experience tonight.

  6. Why is it only two eps next week? It’s always been sun, mon, tues. Very strange. Is it cos US survivor is starting soon and that will go on tues so they don’t want to compete?

  7. A desperate move by TEN, I stopped watching FF because it was on 3 channels, and they took off a show I really enjoyed.
    Is this why Shark Tank moves to 7.30 on Tuesday nights on WIN

  8. That’s going overboard. So what’s happening to Scorpion and the movie Walking With Dinosaurs? I expect they are both dropped from schedule which is a shame as I was looking forward to watching them.

    1. You’d be surprised. A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that HD exists (or just don’t care), and stick to watching the default channels (7, 9, 10), rather than the HD channels (70, 90, 13). Incidentally, people continue to buy DVDs in this day and age even though Ultra HD TVs are the norm nowadays (DVD/SD is about 1/20th of the resolution of Ultra HD!) and the vast majority of TV shows never see a Blu-ray release.

      1. Because DVDs can be 5 for $40 and ULTRA HD can be $40 for 1 🙂
        Sometimes ultra picture perfect isn’t necessary. While recording TV my go to is record off the HD channels, but if I have a busy week I’ll record from normal channels as HD uses up more space (mainly because shows run for 95 mins instead of 60mins)

  9. This is bizzare, just because you put it on One or Eleven doesn’t mean more people will watch it. If they are going to watch it, they will. Can’t see this working out.

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