Xenophon demands on media reform is good news for Community TV

Community TV can thank SA Senator Nick Xenophon for what is shaping up as yet another extension to its television license.

Its last extension (one of several) was for a switch-off on December 31st. But NXT has negotiated a further extension which is yet to be clarified.

That’s good news for C31 Melbourne, WTV in Perth and Channel 44 in Adelaide each of whom has been pushing for further time to make a transition to online only.

The Government has reached in-principle agreement with the NXT on four measures:

· ACCC inquiry: Treasurer to direct the ACCC to conduct an inquiry into the impact of the new digital environment on media.

· Enhanced local content in smaller regional markets: Increase the post-trigger event points requirements in smaller (i.e. non-aggregated) regional television markets.

· Community Television: A further extension for community television licensees. The Government will also hold a roundtable discussion with the sector to discuss its future.

· Review of Asia Pacific broadcasting services: Review into the reach of Australian broadcasting services in the Asia Pacific region.

C31 Melbourne General Manager Matthew Field said, “This agreement to an extension is extremely welcome and we thank the Nick Xenophon Team for their support of Community TV. C31 Melbourne has been hard at work preparing for a digital future however it is clear that the timelines we have been given were not going to be enough for us to transition to a new business model. I would like to thank Nick Xenophon for securing this commitment from the Minister and look forward to discussing our long term future”.

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