7plus to replace PLUS7

Seven's new catch-up & streaming service is launching in November.

Seven’s catch-up site PLUS7 will be replaced by 7plus in November.

The new platform is promising “anywhere, anytime” entertainment with premium, binge and personalised delivery.

“7plus combines the country’s best entertainment programming and simulcasts of Seven’s premium live sporting events, with superior targeting and accountability to drive results.

“Over the top viewing of premium, long form content with a lean-in viewing experience and targeted user base… that’s 7plus.”

7plus will be fully owned by Seven West Media, contrasting with the joint venture PLUS7, shared with Yahoo.

In June Verizon completed its acquisition of Yahoo Inc., to be rebranded as Oath.

Seven registered the 7plus name back in 2009 along with PLUS7 and 7TWO.

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    1. They have ended their Streaming partnership, which was the main part of their partnership. 7 could still take money to link to Yahoo on their website. As Plus7 was jointed owned, 7 needs a new name. They registered 7Plus to stop anybody else using it so its available.

  1. 7Plus just doesn’t roll of the tounge as Plus7 did. I feel like they didn’t even try to change the name.
    Are they moving everything away from Yahoo/Oath? So the 7News, Sunrise and Seven’s digital presence won’t be associated with Yahoo?

  2. We have seen a few changes to catch-up & streaming platforms 9jumpin became 9Now in early 2016 and +7 changing into 7+ In November 2017. I feel that Seven made a good idea to swap 7 with Plus.

  3. I hope that 7plus can show live AFL games starting on the 2018 home and away season (particularly non SA tv shown games) but I have a feeling Telstra will have something to say about that.

    Also “This is just the beginning” could mean many things. Could it mean that eventually all of 7’s shows that have ever been made be put into this platform or even something deeper, 7 eventually becomes online only. (I would imagine 2030 so a long way away)

  4. Hope the location settings remain the same whereas you can enter another postcode.
    I’m in QLD and always watch Sydney or Melbourne during Daylight saving. Gives me an extra hour later in the night to watch something else or get some extra sleep before the sun rises before 4am lol

      1. I’ve managed to get around 9now and tenplay’s location settings by using The Aussie tv ftw app on Xbox one and windows 10. Plus I’m pretty sure you can look up the URL for those streams and watch it full screen on a browser without going to the main page.

    1. Apparently, the “7Live” site (recently retooled), has removed the postcode input facility: locking it into the user’s location. A silly move, as many people used that capability to watch events unavailable in their state (Perth Telethon, Melb’s Good Friday Appeal, etc.), and in the case of 7 in regional QLD and on the Gold Coast, the ability to live stream their local news services: due to most IP servers usually being based in capital cities.

      As for “this is just the beginning”: I would expect some of the 7 back catalogue (e.g. Home and Away from ep. 1) will be monetized.

      1. 7 have apparently run out of “runs” of Home And Away from episode 1881 and stopped airing these episodes on 7TWO back in May so I doubt all 6735 episodes will be on 7plus. Would be great if they were though.

      2. I’m in perth and have no way to change my location settings, so forced to watch sydneys feed. their faq says it relies on the device location. My pc has no location awareness, and it doesn’t ask me anything. just another mess up with 7live…

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